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Kid Rock And Loretta Lynn Get Married: Social Media Goes Crazy

Loretta Lynn Kid Rock Wedding Social Media Reactions
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Kid Rock and Loretta Lynn tied the knot and social media can’t get enough of it.

The Best Social Media Reactions

Loretta and Kid’s stunt quickly trended on social media with users slightly confused at how exactly this all went down. Almost all of the reactions were positive with a little bit of confusion.

Firstly, a Facebook user named Mark asked Loretta if she would change her last name or not. “Well I do don’t I?!” she replied. Loretta Rock has a nice ring to it!

Tonya fired back, “Sorry Loretta, but you ain’t woman enough to take my man #kidrock.” Loretta quipped back, “Don’t try me honey,” with a smiling face emoji.

One fan named Linda wrote: “This is absolutely golden!! How happy your adorable Memaw looks and how surprised to be taken off guard for such a fun, creative ceremony with Kid Rock. Congrats to Crystal and Ernie on renewing their vows and love how Kid Rock adores your Memaw, as we all do!! A fun, loving family!”

Leisa added, “Loretta you are probably the only person that has made Kidd Rock blush.” Photos from the big day show Kid red-faced and blushing.

The Wedding of Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock

Ironically, the wedding was a surprise for Loretta and Kid. Their “nuptials” took place during Loretta’s son, Ernie, and wife Crystal held a vow renewal ceremony. Kid actually officiated the couple’s renewal. He was then caught off guard with his very own ceremony.

Loretta’s granddaughter, Tayla Lynn, wrote about the experience on her Facebook page. Tayla revealed that her Memaw and Kid have gotten closer over the last few years. “Like they adore each other,” she shared. “They joke around all the time about getting married and saying to heck with the rest of em. So Dad and Crystal decide to make that happen!”

Once the preacher took the stage to surprise them, they were blushing. “Memaw and Kid both become giddy,” Tayla added. “Like school kids. They were so caught off guard but both so happy 😀  They played along.”