Kid Rock’s Heated Take on the Possible Destruction of Hank Williams’ Estate Gets the Internet Fired Up

After Kid Rock vocally condemned the potential demolition of country music legend Hank Williams’ home, the Internet fired up with some thoughts on the matter. As previously reported, Hank Williams’ home, Beechwood Hall, is located near Franklin, Tennessee, and was built in the 1850s. It is believed the late country music star’s “Mansion on a Hill.” It was purchased by fund manager Larry Keele in 2021 and now there are worries that the historical property may be facing demolition. 

While speaking to FOX News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday (November 22nd), Kid Rock stated he is sick of seeing history “torn” to the ground. “Whether it be in the form of monuments, statues, and now something so important here in Nashville … Where does it end?” the vocal musician declared. 

Kid Rock wasn’t done with his rant. “We kind of knew that from the beginning, once this fiasco started that it was never going to end. And now we kind of feel like we’re under an invasion from the state of California, which we understand in a lot of ways. I have a lot of friends here that come from these spots — California and New York City. A lot of people say it, and they say it under their breath, but they’re scared to say it out loud.”

Kid Rock said people are leaving “woke policies” in liberal cities. They then are going to cities with better schools, lower taxes, and lower crime. “You have talked about it a million times. We kind of tell them to leave your effing politics at the state line from where you’re coming. And this is just one more example.”

Twitter Users Shares Thoughts About Kid Rock’s Comments About Hank Williams’ Historical Home Situation 

Meanwhile, Twitter had some thoughts about Kid Rock’s “keep politics” remark during his chat with Tucker Carlson. 

“Um… Isn’t Kid Rock a big city transplant that takes his ‘politics’ everywhere he goes?” One Twitter user wrote. In response, a fellow Twitter user answered, “He is from Michigan and I believe he now lives in TN. He was also raised in a wealthy area, his father was a millionaire, and he grew up in a mansion. So… yep.”

Another person also called the musician out for his comments. “So… he is using Americans to go back to where they came from? How Republican of Kid Rock.”

Along with Twitter sounding off about Kid Rock’s comments in regards to Hank Willaims’ home, Keele did issue a statement that contradicts the claims about the house being demolished. “Contrary to misinformation that is being published, no historical items have been placed in any burn pile and there is no scheduled demolition.”

He also shared that it was in a “deteriorated state” when he and his wife purchased the property last year.