Kyle Rittenhouse's Attorney Releases New Footage Allegedly Showing Protestor Fire Gun First

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney Releases New Footage Allegedly Showing a Protestor Fire Gun First

Kyle Rittenhouse‘s attorneys released new footage showing the moments leading up to the deadly shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Authorities have charged the 17-year-old with intentional homicide and other charges for fatally shooting two and injuring a third.

Rittenhouse’s defense team believe the footage shows a clear case of self-defense. The incident occurred on Aug. 25 during the third night of protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Rittenhouse’s attorney Lin Wood released the video through his FightBack Foundation. Rittenhouse’s defense argues there were other gun shots prior to and after Rittenhouse’s first shooting.

The video showed the moments leading up to Kyle Rittenhouse’s shootings.

In the new video, Joseph Rosenbaum, the first fatally shot, had an altercation with armed men guarding a nearby gas station. He shouted at a man, dressed similarly to Rittenhouse, “Shoot me n—a.”

According to Rittenhouse’s lawyers, Rosenbaum became angry that the guards had put out a flaming dumpster the rioters had tried to push toward the gas station. Later in the video, Rittenhouse ran with a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. His lawyers said Rosenbaum had ignited that blaze as well.

According to Rittenhouse, a business owner had hired him and his friends to help protect their business after rioters burned several buildings on the previous nights. In a clip taken earlier in the night, Rittenhouse offered first aid to injured protesters.

Later footage showed Rittenhouse running down the street from Rosenbaum. His lawyers believe Rosenbaum mistook Rittenhouse for the armed man he had a previous altercation with.

“Directly in front of Rittenhouse, armed with bats and other weapons, a mob is forming a barricade,” the video’s voiceover said.

The video allegedly captured a single gunshot and muzzle flash prior to Rittenhouse’s shooting. According to journalist Richard McGinniss, Rittenhouse turned to face Rosenbaum and shot him as he lunged for Rittenhouse’s rifle. According to the attorneys, Rittenhouse fired four times, but the video captures three additional gunshots nearby afterwards.

The attorneys said it is yet to be determined if Rittenhouse fired all the shots that hit Rosenbaum. In the aftermath, the attorney said Rittenhouse attempted to call 911 but fled the scene as a crowd formed.

A crowded pursued after Kyle Rittenhouse.

Additional footage showed a crowd pursuing Rittenhouse. Several people attacked the teen from behind and while on the ground. Anthony Huber, 26, was among them. He struck Rittenhouse in the head with a skateboard and tried to grab for his rifle. Rittenhouse shot the man in the chest, also killing him.

In the video, Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, approached the teen with a handgun. Rittenhouse shot Grosskreutz in the chest, wounding him. According to the attorneys, Grosskreutz told his friend while in the hospital that he regretted “not killing” Rittenhouse.

His attorneys believe the footage shows Rittenhouse’s actions were in self defense. He is currently being held on a $2 million bail.

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