‘Last Man Standing’: Major Character Returning for Show’s Finale

“Last Man Standing” may be soon coming to an end. But the Baxter family may be whole again and all under one roof one last time. One of the sitcom’s former stars will reportedly make an appearance during the show’s series finale.

Yes, we’re talking about Kaitlyn Dever, of course. Eve Baxter will be making a homecoming after making only brief appearances the past few seasons of the show. Audiences last saw Dever during the Season Nine opener, via a virtual video chat. The character will return in the flesh during the upcoming April 8th episode. But Dever will reportedly make at least one more appearance afterward in the series finale.

Actor Amanda Fuller, who plays Kristin on the show, shared a behind-the-scenes look at filming the finale. Set appropriately to R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine),” the video shows the cast filming the last episode. Dever makes an appearance during a virtual table read for the episode, hinting that she has a part to play in the episode. After all, the Baxters can’t ride off into sunset unless they’re all together.

Kaitlyn Dever on ‘Last Man Standing’

Before the finale, Dever will make her return to the sitcom for the first time in person this season. But a lot has changed since both the actor and the character have been away. Based on the episode synopsis, Eve Baxter will struggle to connect with both of her nieces Sarah and Evelyn.

The in-universe reason for Dever’s infrequent appearances was she’s been enrolled at the Air Force Academy. The character long had military aspirations, wanting to be the first female sniper in Marine Corps history. For the past three seasons, the character has made a few guest appearances on the show at various times.

In real life, Dever opted not to return to the series as a regular when the sitcom was revived. The actor starred in six seasons of the comedy during its initial run. Dever’s star has significantly risen since she first appeared on the show. The actor starred in films like “Booksmart” and the Netflix series “Unbelievable” as well. In many ways, Dever has moved on with her career, looking toward new projects. Rather than recast the character like her sister Molly, producers allowed Dever to come and go as she saw fit.

But Dever still has a soft spot for “Last Man Standing” and the Baxter Family.