‘Law & Order’: Generations of Stars Collide on Revival Red Carpet

Tonight was a big night for Law & Order, as the show makes a return in a special premiere, complete with a star-studded red carpet.

For those that have been long-time fans of the show, or watched it here and there throughout the years, you are going to know a few of these faces. The original series is such a big part of modern television history. Defining a generation of television with high stakes drama. While things petered out and the show took a break, it’s back. And in a big way.

There are generations of stars that showed up to the red carpet premiere and smiled for the cameras. Fans are losing their minds a bit in the replies, that’s for sure.

Over on the Law & Order Instagram account, along with NBC, the photos show a variety of actors and actresses from the past and throughout the years. This first photo in the series is going to have SVU fans going wild. Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay had to take the carpet together. Check it out below and see for yourself.

Of course, stars like Sam Waterson, Camryn Manheim, Kelli Giddish, Anthony Anderson, and even Odelya Halevi. The folks that showed up looked like they enjoyed their time. How exciting to see Law & Order make a triumphant return. Hopefully, fans will like the product when it hits their TV screens.

SVU fans couldn’t handle how Hargitay was looking at Meloni. And, his undershirt was stunning as you could expect. Since returning to the Law & Order universe, the actor has been welcomed with warm and open arms by fans.

As one fan put it in the replies, “Dream Team.” And they aren’t wrong.

‘Law & Order’ Meloni Opens Up About Stabler-Benson Relationship

Over the years, Hargitay and Meloni have had quite a relationship on and off the screen. Fans love the two together. Stabler and Benson have had those tensions and feelings for quite some time and it has been both deliberate from writers, and sometimes projected by fans.

Recently, Meloni talked about the potential of a relationship on TV between Stabler and Benson.

“In the future, I don’t not see it,” Meloni said to People. “That might be very satisfying for a lot of people, I’ll leave it at that.”

“I just think that it really has to be a natural aspect of ‘Elliot’s back and in town,’” the Law & Order actor continued. “And especially how he left and their radio silence over all these years. You have to answer these questions and figure out how they inhabit the same space.”

So, Law & Order fans, are we ready yet?