‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Dylan McDermott Shares Behind-the-Scenes Snap Ahead of His Final Episode

After Chris Meloni‘s departure from Law and Order: SVU back in 2011, fans of the Law and Order universe thought they had seen the last of the beloved Elliott Stabler. Nine years later, however, Meloni not only returned but did so with his very own spin-off, Law and Order: Organized Crime. Working alongside Dylan McDermott, Tamara Taylor, and Danielle Moné Truitt, Chris Meloni created yet another hit Law & Order series.

Thus far, the show has centered around a blood feud between NYPD Detective Elliott Stabler and notorious crime boss Richard Wheatley. Now, a detective vs a crime boss is enough to create an interesting story on its own. However, Richard Wheatley is also the suspected murderer of Stabler’s wife.

This high-stakes storyline has created an exciting two seasons of Organized Crime, and fans just can’t get enough. However, the action-packed feud is now coming to a close. The final episodes of Season 2 mark the final appearance of Dylan McDermott’s Richard Wheatley.

To the delight of Law and Order fans, the series’ stars are never shy about posting their antics to social media, both on-screen and off. And Dylan McDermott didn’t hesitate to stoke the flames of excitement ahead of the upcoming episode of Organized Crime.

Seated in a dilapidated courtyard, Elliott Stabler and Angela Wheatley stare knowingly into the camera. Behind them stands Richard Wheatley, lurking menacingly in a thicket of weeds.

Even though Wheatley’s defense is imminent, his story will no doubt echo long into future Organized Crime episodes. Ahead of the final showdown, the crime boss promised to always live in Stabler’s head. And as he’s already declared that he wants “Stabler to pay with his soul,” we doubt the mobster will disappoint.

Christopher Meloni Talks Losing ‘Organized Crime’ Costar Dylan McDermott

Throughout their time as costars on Organized Crime, Chris Meloni and Dylan McDermott have played on-screen adversaries. In real life, however, they have developed a close friendship.

Sadly, their time as mortal enemies is coming to an end. At the end of this season, Dylan McDermott is leaving Organized Crime to take over as lead on FBI: Most Wanted. Though he and Meloni will no doubt remain friends, they’ll see far less of each other.

In regard to the loss of his friend and costar, Meloni said, “Look, I’ll miss every aspect of him. He was good in front of the camera. He was great when it was off. [He has a] cheeky sensibility and a good sense of humor. I wish him the best.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Meloni gushed over his Organized Crime costar and friend. According to Meloni, Dylan McDermott is full of “style, etiquette, and je ne sais quoi,” on top of being a “good-looking man.”