‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Wesam Keesh Is Loving His Time on the Show

Law & Order is an impressive franchise in multiple ways. First, there’s the simple fact that the original 90s crime drama Law & Order was such a hit that it’s spawned seven spin-off series, many of which went on to become successes in their own right. Then, consider that the Law & Order universe holds more than 1,200 episodes in total. And as if that wasn’t enough, the cast and crew of each series seem to hold genuine love and respect for one another.

With all that in mind, it’s really no surprise that Law & Order: Organized Crime star Wesam Keesh is having the time of his life as hacker extraordinaire, Malachi. “The stories are very engaging, entertaining, and it’s fun with my character because he brings a little bit of levity into all the seriousness. The writers do such a good job and so I’m like, ‘This is great. Cool,’” Keesh begins.

Keesh then praises his costars, Elliott Stabler’s Chris Meloni and Richard Wheatley’s Dylan McDermott. “Getting to watch especially Chris Meloni and Dylan McDermott work is such a pleasure, watching two masters at their craft and getting to learn from them…is once in a lifetime.”

“Seeing how they break down a scene, work a scene, block it, sometimes maybe rework a line to better fit their characters, this is all priceless experience for me as an actor and how I work and how I would work in the future,” Keesh continues. “A lot of my scenes are with Ainsley and she’s an incredible actress to work with as well. It’s always nice when the chemistry works right off the bat and yeah, Ainsley’s amazing.”

‘Law and Order’ Star Ainsley Seiger Talks Filming With Wesam Keesh

Though the Law & Order crew is tight-knit, having favorites is both understandable and unavoidable. In a recent interview, Organized Crime star Ainsley Seiger, who plays Jet in the series, told fans which costars she enjoys working with most.

Newbie actress Ainsley Seiger reveals that her favorite costar is none other than Wesam Keesh, who shares most of her scenes. In the series, Jet and Malachi (Keesh) work side-by-side as hackers, attempting to take down the series’ main villain, Richard Wheatley, and his hacker, Sebastian McClane.

Seiger says that every scene with Malachi and Jet is “so much fun to film.” She goes on to say, “Wesam’s a great guy. He’s such a fantastic actor and he’s such a giving scene partner. The days where we get to work together are just my favorite in the world.”

“It’s been fantastic to have him around for this arc. Because it’s not that I don’t think Jet could handle the two of them on her own — I very much do think that she could — but this is a great way, a great avenue to go down to get Jet to realize that working on a team and asking for help does not have to be a bad thing.”