‘Law & Order’ Revival: Meet Hugh Dancy’s Character Executive District Attorney Nolan Price

Law & Order Season 21 has a new face: Hugh Dancy as Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price.

From the first episode, we see that he works under District Attorney Jack McCoy, played by Sam Waterston. Price wanted to throw out a somewhat unethical interrogation that used lies to coerce a confession. However, despite having a hero complex, he ended up using his assistant to win the case. This meant that a woman who was raped twice by the perpetrator that she killed, who also raped 39 other women, was found guilty of murder. It seems as though he wants to be the good guy but wants to win his cases at the end of the day. What issues will this cause in the upcoming episodes?

“I play Nolan Price, he is a prosecutor in the office of Jack McCoy now District Attorney,” he said. “Price is someone who has come over from the world of defense. He was a defense lawyer and for reasons that he explains in the very first episode. He came to a personal decision and decided to switch to the other side so to speak. But he carries a lot of experience and maybe baggage from that part of his life.”

Dancy said that Waterston is “delightful.” He added, “[Sam] lives up to that reputation. It’s obviously exciting to work with somebody who is so embedded in the culture of this show and defines it in some ways. That was my kind of great good fortune and he’s just a whole bunch of fun.”

How Julia Roberts Joined The ‘Law & Order’ Universe

Some Law & Order fans may not know that Julia Roberts was a guest star on the show back in 1999. She was featured in the show’s milestone 200th episode entitled “Empire”. At the time, she was dating actor Benjamin Bratt, who played Detective Rey Curtis for four seasons.

It wasn’t her boyfriend that sold her on the role, she was actually a huge fan of the series and spoke with producers about doing a guest appearance. They ended up creating a draft with her in mind. Ironically, she hated it and wanted it to be more like the show and less like it being catered towards her.

“She told us, ‘This is not the ‘Law & Order’ that I know,’ and she was absolutely right,” producer Ed Sherin told The Los Angeles Times. “It was outside the feel of the show, and she was the first to spot it.”

“We’ve had so many great people appearing on the show, everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to William Macy, but Julia is really the ultimate,” creator Dick Wolf added.

Roberts portrayed the role of Katrina Ludlow in the episode. “A businessman planning to build a new football stadium in New York City is on trial for murder. But the prosecution’s star witness, a professional fundraiser who was having an affair with the victim, may have her own sinister motives,” the official description states.

Law & Order became just her third appearance on network television. She previously guest-starred on Friends and Murphy Brown.