'Little House on the Prairie': One Michael Landon Trait 'Gave Away' His Presence on Set

‘Little House on the Prairie’: One Michael Landon Trait ‘Gave Away’ His Presence on Set

Michael Landon was the centerpiece of the Little House on the Prairie television show for nine seasons. Not only that, but he was also one of the most beloved characters on the show. His acting was loved by everyone who turned on their TV to watch.

His charisma was infectious to anyone around him. Landon was able to develop chemistry with each of the actors throughout his time with Little House on the Prairie. It is not an easy task to find anything negative about the actor. However, picking out the best parts of the actor is much easier.

Reportedly, he was amazing to be around, and all of the other actors on the show have wonderful stories about him being a positive influence on their careers. In particular, the way he would handle himself on set was marvelous.

One of Landon’s signature trademark qualities while working on Little House on the Prairie was his laughter. This was reportedly one of his most infectious and admirable qualities. His attitude was always excellent and helped him appeal to the rest of the cast.

Michael Landon Was Always Upbeat While on Set for “Little House on the Prairie”

Alison Arngrim was one of the actors on Little House on the Prairie. She played Nellie Oleson, who was an “antagonist” on the show for seven seasons. Her portrayal of the character helped to define the role of the spoiled character for many years following the show.

Despite playing the antagonist, she only has wonderful things to say about Michael Landon. In an interview, she shares some insight about what it was like to work with Landon on the Little House on the Prairie.

“You always knew when Michael was on set because you could hear him laugh from a mile away. He had this high-pitched giggle, like a little girl. If you pay attention to the show, you’ll hear him do it a couple of times. When he really laughed, it was like this little giggle.”

Laughter is the best medicine for anything, especially on a television set like Little House on the Prairie. Arngrim was likely not always in the best mood when getting to the set. But Landon’s laughter would immediately brighten her day.

“And you would go, ‘Oh, Michael’s here.’ You could just hear it for miles. He was so funny, goofy, and childlike in his sense of humor and laughter. And yet, when it came time to shooting, he was all business and no-nonsense with our schedules.”

So, not only was Landon the star of Little House on the Prairie, but he also made it a great place to work. That kind of character trait makes people love you forever. And that is certainly the case for Landon.