Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline’s ‘Pranksmas’ Rolls On with Hilarious Dinner Party Prank

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, has been pretty naughty this year, especially around the holidays. It looks like she’s got a few more tricks up her sleeve.

The caption of her Instagram post reads:

Pranksmas Day 6: We need a Plunger!/ A simple dinner turns vile!/

Poor @sweetladijane and @phillipsweet think their appetizer has killed @joshwolfcomedy sensitive belly!/@bethanyashtonwolf@lukebryan

Remember this is only the sixth day of the Bryans’ “Pranksmas.” There are six more days to go.

A Meal They Won’t Soon Forget

While eating dinner, Josh Wolf goes to the bathroom, saying he feels bad.

“It didn’t sound good in there,” someone says.

“I think it’s all the cheese.”

“They then start talking about the horseradish, to which he replies ‘Horseradish!’ That’s like my No. 1 no-no.”

Luke Bryan’s wife continues filming all of the shenanigans going on without the rest of the group knowing everything is actually set up.

The poor women are sitting at the table discussing how badly they feel since they didn’t know he was allergic to horseradish.

“Did we break him?” one of the lady’s asks. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”

Plunger! Plunger! Now!

Wolf immediately runs out asking for a plunger.

After being in the bathroom for a time, Wolf literally gets carried off of the toilet, out of the bathroom, and rushed to the door after making all kinds of painful noises.

Luke Bryan’s Wife Wins the 6th Day of ‘Pranksmas’

Someone finally breaks down laughing, as Wolf and the guys hit the door, with everyone realizing they’ve been pranked.

Comments are rolling in on Instagram of people who can’t get enough of “Pranksmas”:

One user said, “Please. I’m begging you. Never stop. Never ever never.”

Another comment read, “This is AMAZING!! I love when they’re carrying him out!! Only the best friends pull you off the toilet. 🤣🤣”

At least the family is spreading joy during the holidays, even if it’s only to the viewers, and not the actual participants.

Only six more days left of ‘Pranksmas!’