Luke Combs Jokes About Famous High School Football Teammates

Country musician Luke Combs is sharing some little-known connections made through high school football, including Barstool Sports’ Caleb Pressley, who is a former University of North Carolina quarterback.

In addition, fellow country artist Chase Rice also played for the same school and won a state championship, a feat Combs was unable to achieve.

“Little known fact,” Combs tweeted Monday, in response to a fan’s request that he do a conversation with Pressley. “Me and @calebpressley actually played high school football together. @ACR_Football also, @ChaseRiceMusic played there a few years before us. Sad to say they both won state championships and I didn’t haha.”

Combs Works Football Into His Diet

Football has played a significant role in Combs’ diet this year, literally. In February, Combs went vegan after he lost a bet with his keyboardist over a football game.

“I did lose a bet, not on [the] Super Bowl, however,” Combs said at the time. “It was on the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons game, the first game that we played this year. I’m born and raised in North Carolina. Obviously a huge Carolina Panthers fan. And, my keyboard player is born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously, a huge Atlanta Falcons fan. We decided to do a bet that was more of a physical challenge.”

It took him three months to complete the challenge. But Combs said he was determined to stick it out, even with his wedding to longtime girlfriend Nicole Hocking on the horizon.

“I’m still alive, I’ll put it that way,” Combs added. “I eat a lot of bars like protein bars, a lot of veggies. And, if you’re not familiar with vegan, it’s no animal products whatsoever: no meat, no cheese, no milk, no butter, no anything good. So I’ve still got about 70 or 80 odds days left, which is pretty depressing to think about. But, I will prevail through the end of this. I’m looking forward to a good deer steak after this is all said and done.”