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Luke Combs Tells Hilarious Story About Sneaky Way He’d Watch March Madness in High School

Chris Graythen, Getty Images)

Luke Combs is a big fan of basketball. While in high school, he and his classmates even snuck out to watch March Madness.

March Madness 2021 is a go and Luke Combs couldn’t be happier!

“I mean I think everybody loves March Madness,” he told Sony Music Nashville. “You know, obviously I think we all missed it last year. It’s exciting just to know that it’s even going to happen at all this year I think is a pretty awesome thing for a lot of folks.”

While he was a teenager, he attempted to sneak out and ditch class to catch the score.

“I remember in high school we would try to sneak out of class and go check the Tar Heel’s scores,” he admitted. “Like say we were going to the bathroom and we knew one of our coaches were watching it or something like that so a lot of good memories with it. Can’t wait to watch!”

His Tar Heel Appreciation

As a Huntersville, North Carolina native, Luke Combs grew up rooting for the Tar Heels. Fans noticed from social media posts and live streams that he owns a few Tar Heels jerseys and memorabilia.

Last year, he spoke with ESPN and showed off some of his most prized North Carolina possessions.

“This is a frame I got,” he said while proudly displaying the Tar Heels logo on it. The frame stemmed from a bet with one of his closest friends and fellow North Carolina residents.

His guitar player Rob is also from North Carolina. Rob also co-wrote “Beautiful Crazy” among other songs with Luke Combs.

“I bet him, actually on the Duke vs. Carolina game,” Combs shared. “He’s a Duke fan, I’m a Carolina fan. I told him, ‘I’d buy you a Rolex [watch] if Duke wins.’

If the Tar Heels won, Rob had to buy him a custom suit. “He said ‘deal’ and that was the Zion shoe game,” he explained. Luke Combs was referencing the 2019 game where Duke player Zion Williamson was injured after his Nike shoe ripped in half mid-game. About a minute into the game, Rob knew that he was done for.

Instead of buying a custom suit, Combs framed his check and never cashed it. He says that it’s worth more to him this way. How much was his bandmate willing to pay? $1,500!

“Whoever cut his seams, I appreciate that,” Combs joked.