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Luke Combs Would Play Country Music If It Was ’70 People’ or ‘70,000’

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT/Viacom)

Luke Combs says that his climb to the top of county charts has “been awesome.” And he’ll play music for”70 people” or “70,000 people.”

Grammy award nominee Luke Combs has had an illustrious career as a country singer. And he’s definitely one of the most famous Music City artists around. But even though he seemed to gain stardom overnight, Combs still had a few years where he played for small crowds in restaurants and bars just like everyone else. And according to a recent social media post, Luke enjoyed playing small sets just as much as he enjoys singing for sold-out crowds.

Tonight on Twitter, the country crooner posted a snippet of a recent interview. And in it, he says that he doesn’t care how many people show up for his concerts. He loves performing, and he’ll do it for any crowd that will listen.

“I don’t care if I’m playing for 70 people or 70,000 people,” he wrote alongside an audio recording. “I just love playing country music, so I’d still be doing this whether I was in the minor leagues or the big leagues because I do what I do because I love it.”

Luke Combs Admitts that Even if He Wasn’t a Star, He’d ‘Be Doing This Anyway’

During the interview, Combs recalled his humble beginnings where he sang at a “chicken wing restaurant in Ashville” called The Wild Wing Cafe. And he said that it’s “insane” that he’s selling out stadiums with over 20,000 seats now.

“It’s absolutely mind-blowing stuff,” he said. “But it’s been awesome.”

And Luke Combs admitted that he’s fond of all the audiences he plays for—both big and small.

“There are things that I love about both settings,” he continued. “There’s stuff I love about an amphitheater, and there’s stuff that I don’t. And there’s stuff that I love about playing in a 200 seat club, and there’s stuff that I don’t. Ya know? But I love it all the same.”

Combs said that he’d have fun in any room because singing is his passion. And if he weren’t a world-famous star, he’d be “doing this anyway, in some capacity”

“Whether I was known or a complete nobody, I would be doing it either way,” Combs added. “It’s so awesome to have gotten to do all of those things and accomplish all of those goals over the last two and a half or three years. And do it with people that [I] love doing it with is even better.”