Maine Teacher Embarks on Dangerous Moose Hunt Despite No Hunting Experience

A Maine teacher checked an item off her bucket list this week when she embarked on a backwoods moose hunt — despite having absolutely no hunting or shooting experience.

As the Bangor Daily shared, Carrie Reed, an Ashland resident, has never so much as held a gun. But with moose hunting being so popular with her friends and neighbors, she always wanted to try. So, she entered her name in the state’s lottery in hopes of winning a hunting permit.

Most hunters wait years or even decades to gain the right to go on a moose hunt. So Reed decided to start entering her name this year. Officials drew around 4,000 names. And out of sheer luck, hers was one of them. So she decided to take her chance while she had it.

“I guess I just always thought it would be cool to do, but I never anticipated getting one the first time,” she told the publication.

The grade school reading teacher and librarian designated her brother, Ben Lothrop, as her sub-permittee, so he could hunt alongside her. And the two headed to their family’s cabin this past weekend before beginning their adventure.

For two days, Lothrop, an experienced hunter, scoped out a spot using a trail camera. And after seeing two bulls lingering in an area, he decided they would head there.

At 5 am on Monday the siblings joined a friend, Kevin Hamel, on a hike to the hunting grounds. And Lothrop gave them all instructions for the day.

Lothrop set up the blinds and handed out everyone’s positions. Reed carried gear and helped navigate the rugged terrain. Hamel, also an avid hunter, was in charge of calling using a mix of electric and mouth vocalizations.

The Teacher Went on the Moose Hunt to Bond with Her Brother

On the first day of their hunt, the calls earned no responses. But Reed wasn’t willing to walk away empty-handed. So upon her suggestion, the trio headed deeper into the woods to place a game camera in a spot where Lothrop’s trail cam caught a bruiser bull.

By the end of second day, the group only saw one, moose, a cow, standing in some water off in the distance. But with a few days left on the trip, they still have the chance of finding a bull. However, Reed has come to terms with the fact that they may not harvest a moose this year.

But while wearing her self-made shirt that reads, “Sister/Brother Moose Hunt 2022. We’re hoping to kill a moose, not each other,” she admitted that the only reason she decided to take her chances on a hunt was to spend some quality time with her brother.

“I guess I kind of did do it for him,” she shared. “I knew he would enjoy it. He likes this kind of a hunt. Hunting is in our family.”