Maren Morris Reveals Which Artist She Listened to Most in 2020

Maren Morris has had a very productive 2020. And sometimes even country music stars like to unwind and relax with a little music. But Morris’ top artist she’s listened to this year may surprise some. The singer listened to a lot of neo-soul musician D’Angelo.

When we say a lot, we mean a lot of D’Angelo. Morris ranked in the top 7% of listeners for the artist in 2020. On Instagram, Morris shared the news with the caption, “What Can I Say?” As an artist, D’Angelo has generally defied both genre expectations and within the industry itself. The artist took a 14-year hiatus between albums before returning to the spotlight with his album “Black Messiah.”

Video game fans may recognize D’Angelo’s powerful voice. He contributed his talents to “Red Dead Redemption 2,” which followed the doomed Van der Linde gang across the Old West. His song “Unshaken” conjured images of dying cowboys fighting to their last breaths on dusty prairies. The song proved popular outside of the game for the feelings that it conjures up.

Maren Morris Has Had A Productive 2020

When she’s not listening to D’Angelo, Morris has been busy making a name for herself as one of country music’s hottest rising stars. How else do you describe the kind of year that Morris has had? At this year’s CMA Awards, Morris was a triple threat, walking away with three of the top awards.

Morris won this year’s Female Vocalist of the Year, and she also took home Single of the Year and Song of the year for “The Bones.” That song has proved popular enough to rank No. 9 on Billboard’s Top 100 Songs of 2020. No small feat, but Morris certainly makes it look easy.

When she’s not on stage, Morris and husband Ryan Hurd are busy being parents. The couple welcomed their first child Hayse Andrew to the world earlier this year. Their son is already 7-months old proving this year has really flown by.

It’s a wonder that Morris even gets a moment for herself.