Martellus Bennett Explains How a Disneyland Vacation Nearly Prevented Trade to Patriots

Former Chicago Bears Tight End, Martellus Bennett retired in 2018 after a ten-year career. He spent the better part of his last two years in the NFL with the New England Patriots, including a Super Bowl win after the 2016 season over the Atlanta Falcons. But a Disneyland vacation for his daughter’s birthday almost prevented Bennett from ever getting that ring.

According to Martellus Bennett, Patriots Coach Bill Belichick called him while he was at Disneyland. The no-nonsense coach informed Bennett that he needed to report to New England for his physical. Bennett, however, didn’t want to leave Disneyland yet. He and his daughter were having the time of their lives with Mickey Mouse and Goofy and had no intention of leaving.

According to Bennett, “Bill [Belichick] called me back and was like ‘well, we gotta get you out here. Otherwise, the trade won’t go through if we don’t get the physical.’ I was just kinda like, “Well, that sounds like a you thing.”

The trade ended up going through, and the rest is history. Martellus Bennett and the New England Patriots capped off a 14-2 season with a Super Bowl ring.

The Rest of Martellus Bennett’s Career

After playing college ball at Texas A&M, the Dallas Cowboys selected Martellus Bennett in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. He played four seasons with the Cowboys including one playoff berth in 2009. That team defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round then lost to the Minnesota Vikings.

Bennett spent one season with the New York Giants before landing with the Chicago Bears, where he had his most notable year. In 2014, he recorded career highs in yards and in receptions, and as a result, went to the 2015 Pro Bowl. After his relationship with his teammates deteriorated, the whole Disneyland Debacle happened. Luckily, the trade went through and Martellus Bennett spent a season and a half with the Patriots, including a Super Bowl LI. Bennett retired in March of 2018 after finishing the season with the Green Bay Packers.