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Massachusetts Man Goes To Ukraine To Help Daughter and Grandson Escape: ‘That’s What Dads Do’

(Photo by DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP via Getty Images)

A Fitchburg, Massachusetts man recently went to Ukraine to help his daughter and grandson flee the country. WCVB-TV reports that William Hubbard flew to Poland before crossing the border on foot to Ukraine. The father managed to join his daughter Aislinn and her 8-month-old son, Seraphim, at their home near the city of Kyiv.

What We Know

  • William Hubbard’s daughter Aislinn went to Ukraine in 2018 to study ballet.
  • Hubbard first went to Ukraine to help prove Aislinn’s son’s U.S. citizenship.
  • Hubbard returned to Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.

We found out that Aislinn made Ukraine her home at 16-years-old in 2018. The then-teen moved to Europe to study ballet at the prestigious Kyiv Choreographic College. She attempted to leave Ukraine before Russia began its invasion. However, her son does not have a birth certificate or passport because he was born in a home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Hubbard previously flew to Ukraine to help arrange a DNA test to prove his grandson’s U.S. citizenship, it didn’t work. Therefore, Hubbard and his wife Deborah spent weeks trying to help their daughter from Massachusetts. But with Russia’s attack, the Massachusetts man decided to travel again to help his family escape Ukraine.

“I did what any dad would do, I guess, in this situation,” Hubbard said to WCVB-TV. “That’s what dads do. They take care of their family.”

He reunited with his daughter and grandson after landing in Ukraine and taking the train to the city. After gathering Aislinn and her son’s things, including their four cats, they said their goodbyes to her boyfriend and Seraphim’s father. Sadly, he was unable to leave the country.

The three joined several other refugees leaving the country. On Friday, the three waited at the border in Slovakia. Thankfully, they were able to make it through without a passport for Seraphim.

A Young Doctor Stayed in Ukraine Amid Russian Invasion to Help Save Lives: ‘It’s Our Country’

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a young doctor named Aleksandra Shchebet refuses to leave her country and evacuate. She rented an apartment to offer medical advice and send supplies to soldiers and civilians trapped on the front lines. She finds saving lives a worthwhile sacrifice.

“It’s our country,” she reported to NPR. “It’s our home. We can’t leave. I hope the war will end as soon as possible.”

Once the war broke out and she found an apartment to rent, Shchebet set up an online consultation service over the phone. Through the service, people can call her any time, free of charge.

Some of the young doctor’s family members now have the opportunity to evacuate to a bordering country. However, Aleksandra Shchebet has no intention of going with them. Instead, she chooses to continue getting supplies to the front lines until Russia’s invasion ends.