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McDonald’s Giving Away McRib Sandwiches to People With ‘Baby-Smooth’ Faces for Cancer Awareness

(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

No-Shave November might be over, but cancer awareness is still at the forefront of everyone’s mind. McDonald’s is certainly still raising awareness for cancer by giving out McRib sandwiches.

In particular, the popular burger chain is featuring a food-based incentive. McDonald’s announced on Monday that the company, which had partnered with the popular No-Shave November, would get a bonus this year.

To raise more money for cancer research and treatment, the company is bringing back the famous McRib sandwich. In a press release put out on their website, they are giving away 10,000 of their sandwiches.

McDonald’s Is Bringing Back the McRib For Cancer

“The McRib is back nationwide for the first time since 2012, beginning Dec. 2. So that beard you’ve so proudly grown while in quarantine or for a good cause this November…it’s got to go. Or it could get in the way of you enjoying a mouthwatering McRib. That’s why we’re here to tell you to shave it, and you could get a McRib on us.”

In the same press release, McDonald’s says that customers will be able to buy a McRib on December 2 to help the cause.

“Just buy a McRib on Dec. 2, and your purchase will help support our donation to the charity’s cancer initiatives.”

Starting a campaign via social media, anyone who posts a picture of their “baby-smooth face” can win a free sandwich. So far, there are thousands of people getting a free sandwich.

“Beard or no beard, prepare for the McRib with a shave—or even a facial mask—because anyone can participate, from your brother to your mother, sister-in-law, or cousin’s roommate. Just post a picture of your cleanly-shaven or baby-smooth face on your public Twitter or public Instagram profile using #Shave4McRibSweepstakes and tag @McDonalds.”

Those who grew facial hair can share another photo of their “Movember” cause to their social media accounts. Also, the executive director of No-Shave November offered her own comments on the company’s partnership with Mcdonald’s.

“We’re thrilled McDonald’s is supporting this important cause, getting both the bearded and the non-bearded involved beyond November simply by purchasing a McRib.”

Who knew that eating a juicy sandwich could help cancer research progress? Well, the answer to that is at McDonald’s.