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Megyn Kelly Speaks Out on Kirstie Alley Losing Friends Over Donald Trump Support

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Robin Hood Foundation

Megyn Kelly is not missing any friends lost over politics. However, she can identify with actress Kirstie Alley who says she has.

The former Fox anchor and NBC News correspondent responded on Saturday to a tweet by Alley, who was feeling betrayed by former friends with different political views.

Kelly Has Friends Across the Political Spectrum

“Also, consider whether losing this person is actually a bad thing,” Kelly tweeted. “If someone de-friends you bc of your politics, was this really a person worth having in your life? My friends are Ds, Rs and Is & the ones for whom politics is a deal-breaker quickly & happily get weeded out.”

In a multi-tweet thread, Alley had complained about celebrity peer pressure. And she said she’d received nothing for years of promoting celebrity friends’ work on Twitter but ingratitude. “Most now unfollow block or @ me w/ degraded comments,” she said.

Celebrity Trump Supporters

Alley has endorsed President Trump’s reelection bid. This week she claimed she has lost “thousands” of Twitter followers recently. She made the claim in replying to a Twitter user who said Twitter had suggested she unfollow Alley. 

The Look Who’s Talking star also live-tweeted Thursday’s presidential debate. In her tweets, she declared Trump the winner of the debate and criticized moderator Kristen Welker.

For her part, Kelly also tweeted that Trump had won the last debate. “His poll numbers are going to go up,” she said. 

On her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” and in her tweets, Kelly has been arguing that Joe Biden’s lead over Trump in polls is smaller than Hillary Clinton’s was at this point in the race. She suggested the polls might be wrong again.

Kelly has previously criticized other media pundits for trying to pin the blame for the coronavirus pandemic on Trump.

“I am so sick of seeking the news on Coronavirus and constantly getting bombarded w/how it’s all Trump’s fault or what Trump is calling the damn virus,” Kelly said in March. “Can we focus on what needs to be done right now and play the blame/political game later? Good Lord.”