Michael Strahan Shares Sweet Photo While Giving Daughter ‘Driving Lessons’

Micheal Strahan is known for his role as a television personality. However, for his daughters, he’s known as a dad who is brave enough to help them learn to drive.

Strahan recently posted a photo of him and one of his daughters while she was practicing driving.

He captioned the photo, “Driving lessons with dad… Wish us both luck LOL!”

His daughters are learning to drive in New York City. NYC is the hot-spot for some aggressive, hectic drivers.

One person commented “I guess if you’re able to drive in NYC, then you can drive anywhere. The most stressful city I’ve driven in is LA. Didn’t dare rent a car in NYC.”

A Warehouse Collection

It’s not clear which car the duo took on this learning day. Strahan has a pretty hefty collection of cars.

The NFL Hall of Famer has his own personal warehouse full of cars that he uses his money from pro football and being a television host to purchase.

According to Motortrend, Strahan’s daily car is his 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV.

“I make sure I really want it. I’ll research a car, I’ll make sure it’s the right one, and if it’s something that really fits, that I would use. And once I buy it, it’s in my possession forever in my mind, so I’m not getting rid of cars anymore. I’ve learned my lesson.”

This car is perfect for his adventures around the city whether it’s going to the airport or to football events. He prefers less technology in his car.

Some other cars in his collection include a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster, 2012 Rolls-Ryce Drophead, and his Mercedes SL65 Black Series.

Strahan Custody Battle Finalized

Strahan’s custody battle between him and his ex-wife Jean Muggli has come to a close. He started the lawsuit for custody of his twins alleging domestic violence.

According to Sportscasting, Strahan dropped the allegations, and Muggli agreed to move to New York City. The twins will now alternate weeks of living with both of their parents.

Now, however, the ex-football player can focus more on spending time with his two daughters. COVID-19 caused his show to be canceled on “Good Morning America” alongside Keke Palmer and Sara Haines.