Mickey Guyton Offers Health Update Following 9-Month-Old Son’s ICU Visit

Country singer Mickey Guyton is thanking doctors after a trip to the ER ended in an ICU stay for her nine-month-old son Grayson.

On November 11th, the Better Than You Left Me singer tweeted her fans asking for prayers after Grayson fell ill for no apparent reason.

Nine days later, Guyton posted an update about Grayson on her social media channels informing followers that her son appeared to be suffering from a “stomach bug” that caused severe dehydration. The baby is still in the hospital. But “all signs are stable and improving,” and he is no longer in the intensive care unit.

“Seeing my baby boy like this was truly terrifying,” she wrote on Instagram and Twitter.

Mickey Guyton credits two doctors for her son’s recovery.

“A pediatric doctor named Dr. Grace stayed by Grayson’s side the entire time we were in [there], discovered the problem and help create a plan to heal baby Grayson,” Guyton wrote on Instagram and Twitter. “Our family doctor, Dr. Nathan Ford, also took action and helped Grayson secure a bed at the hospital when all the hospitals were maxed out and understaffed because of nurse shortages. I truly believe Grayson would not be on the road to a full recovery without them.”

Grayson is still “dehydrated and weak,” and the little boy has lost a lot of weight due to his ongoing dehydration. But Guyton shared that “Grayson is a fighter and his labs are showing that he’s headed in the right direction.”

The singer asked her fans to continue praying for her son as he continues to recover. And she assured everyone that their support helped Grayson fight through his hardest moments.

“Every single prayer lifted up over him when he was headed to the ICU and it’s working, and he was stabilized and released from the ICU within a matter of hours,” she concluded. ” He’s getting better by the minute, it’s just going to take some time.”

WATCH: Carrie Underwood Gifts Mickey Guyton’s Adorable Son a Piano

Carrie Underwood knows that Mickey Guyton’s son is a country star in the making. So she sent him a special gift.

On July 23rd, Guyton came home to find an adorable miniature piano. And the Heaven Down Here singer was touched beyond belief.

“I was having a rough day when this showed up in my mailbox,” Guyton tweeted after receiving the package. “Then I opened it up to see that @carrieunderwood got my baby a piano! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To watch him light up as he plays is the heart explosion I didn’t know I needed.”