Mike Rowe Says Key to ‘Dirty Jobs’ Was Being a ‘Guest’ Not a ‘Host’

A lot of Outsiders have been on the Mike Rowe train since his “Dirty Jobs” days and it’s nice to see the rest of the country waking up to support him. He recently opened up about the inspiration behind the critically-acclaimed series and credits a lot of it to his own grandfather (the same man he named his whiskey after). Rowe remembers his grandfather as a master tradesman and watched him perfect his craft over several years. Eventually, though, Rowe grew tired of seeing blue-collar workers like his grandfather get taken for granted.

As he continues drawing in viewers with his more recent project, “How America Works,” Rowe reflects back on what made “Dirty Jobs” so successful. Ultimately, he says the key to success involved taking on the role of a “guest” as opposed to the role of a “host.”

Mike Rowe Says ‘Dirty Jobs’ Was Never His Story

Mike Rowe recently sat down with John Rich for a serious conversation regarding his time on “Dirty Jobs.” (Over on his Instagram, Rowe also teased a musical collaboration with Rich, promising to drop a Christmas song soon).

Apparently, pitching the show didn’t go so well for Mike Rowe at first. “It took me a while to sell it because everybody who looked at my tape said, ‘It’s a talk show in a sewer.’” he remembers. But eventually, Rowe says he found his rhythm with the show and pitch.

“The key to ‘Dirty Jobs’ was to stop being a host and start being the guest,” he continued. “That’s what I learned in the sewer… My job is to learn. And you can’t learn unless you’re humble.”

At the end of the day, he never really saw “Dirty Jobs” as his story. Instead, he saw it as the story of America’s working class. He feels honored to have held a position to facilitate those kinds of conversations.

You can listen to his full conversation with John Rich here:

Episode 224 of ‘The Way I Heard It’

On top of all the other projects that Mike Rowe is juggling, he continues to put out new content on his personal podcast called “The Way I Heard It.” Episode 224 dropped a couple of days ago and features writer/producer Rick Bitzelberger. Rowe titled the episode “I Didn’t Get It” and starts off by explaining how that phrase perfectly encapsulates the nuances of comedy. What’s funny to some is “juvenile” or “offensive” to others, he explains. He then dives into his talk with Rick, who he’s apparently known for “forty years or so.” Rowe considers him one of the funniest people he’s ever met.

You can listen to their full conversation right here: