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Missing Man Shows Up Drunk to His Own Search Party

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Hide-N-Seek is a classic piece of so many childhoods. It’s a versatile game, too. It can be played indoors or outdoors, in daylight or at night with flashlights. At the end of the day, stumping the seekers is a badge of honor. Still, the game is usually played best when the hiders actually know they’re hiding and the seekers know they’re seeking… if you don’t get those roles sorted out, Hide-N-Seek doesn’t quite work. Just ask this one dude in Turkey. After a night at the pubs, he accidentally stumbled upon his own search party.

Missing Man Finds Himself

Beyhan Mutlu just wanted to enjoy a night out with his best buds, swapping stories and brews. So, the pals set out to do just that in their rural neighborhood. Maybe the conversation got a little boring or the compulsion to go for a hike took over, but Mutlu eventually made his way into the woods nearby. The thing is, no one saw him exit the woods.

Next thing you know, search and rescue teams assembled at the scene shortly thereafter. Several locals even joined the team, hoping to recognize Mutlu during their search. The team made its way into the forest, shouting his name ever so often. Eventually, someone spoke up– Mutlu himself. He asked the crowd: “Who are we looking for? I am here.”

Not a single soul recognized him prior to speaking up. And even the “missing” man had spent hours searching for… well, himself. In the end, at least this missing persons case gets a happy ending. Beyhan Mutlu is safe and sound at his own home, where he belongs.

Actually, this debacle is sort of the ultimate game of Hide-N-Seek. And they only missed National Beer Drinking Day by a hair (or perhaps hair of the dog maybe).

Turkish Media Responds

Now, the Turkish media didn’t have many answers regarding the incident. For example, they couldn’t answer how it is that no one recognized him. They also aren’t sure how his friends even reported him missing without his knowledge. Still, they shared photos of the Search and Rescue Team from the forest.

Although the tweet from the scene is written in Turkish, here’s a quick translation to English:

“In the İnegöl district of Bursa, a person named Beyhan Mutlu searched for himself for hours, assuming that the search efforts initiated for him were for someone else. The teams prepared a report about the search and left the missing person at his home.”

And here’s the tweet: