Morgan Wallen To Appear on ‘SNL’: ‘Let’s Try This Again’

Apparently, “Saturday Night Live” believes in second chances. Morgan Wallen will appear in an upcoming episode of “SNL” on Dec. 5. Previously, the program removed Wallen after images surfaced of him breaking COVID-19 protocols in Alabama.

Wallen shared the good news himself with followers. He included an image of post-it notes with his name, Jason Bateman and the date. He captioned the tweet, “Let’s try this again.”

Despite the controversy and setback, Wallen looks to end 2020 on a positive note. Recently, the artist also won the CMA New Artist of the Year Award.

Morgan Wallen Apologized For His Actions

In October, “SNL” removed Wallen from a musical guest role after he broke COVID-19 protocol. Images and pictures captured Wallen attending a party at the University of Alabama, shortly before he was supposed to appear on the episode. In the aftermath of the cancellation, Wallen apologized to his fans.

“I’m not positive for COVID, but my actions this past weekend were pretty short-sighted, and they’ve obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams,” Wallen said at the time. “I respect the show’s decision because I know that I put them in jeopardy.”

Wallen said he took ownership of the mistakes that he made at the time. He respected “SNL” and their decision to remove him from the show. Perhaps, the apology swayed executives at the network to give Wallen a second chance.

“And I take ownership for this,” Wallen said. “I’d like to apologize to “SNL.” To my fans. To my team. For bringing me these opportunities, and I let them down.”

After the cancellation, Wallen took a break from social media and the public eye for a few weeks. He reflected on life and his choices. Wallen returned to the public spotlight with his CMA win and the release of his song “Livin the Dream.”

“I took a while, like almost two weeks, and just turned my phone off and didn’t even look at it,” Wallen told Bobby Bones. “[I] drove on the tractor, things like that, and just [was clearing] my head.”