Morgan Wallen Fans Sound off on Social Media Over Canceled SNL Performance

Morgan Wallen fans are using social media to show support for the country music singer after he was booted from Saturday Night Live this week.

In an Instagram video posted on Wednesday evening, Wallen confirms he will no longer be performing on this weekend’s show. Comedian Bil Burr will host the show but Saturday Night Live officials have not announced a new musical guest as of Thursday morning, according to CNN.

Wallen was seen over the weekend in various TikTok videos that show him drinking and attending a party while not wearing a mask.

In the video, Wallen admits to making a mistake and offers an apology to his fans for his behavior.

“I was getting ready for Saturday Night Live this Saturday and I got a call from the show that I will no longer be able to play,” he says. “And that is because of COVID-19 protocols, which I understand.”

Wallen went on to say in the video that he isn’t positive for COVID-19 and expressed disappointment in his decisions. He calls his actions “shortsighted” and admits they have affected his long-term goals and dreams.

“I respect the show’s decision because I know that I put them in jeopardy and I take ownership for this,” he says. “I would like to apologize to ‘SNL,’ my fans and my team for bringing me these opportunities and I let them down.”

Wallen Fans Offer Support

Wallen’s fans were quick to sympathize with the 27-year-old singer, using social media to express support.

“We still love you!!” a tweeter writes, “Mad respect for taking responsibility for your actions. You’re only taking heat because you are in the spotlight.”

“I hate to hear this but I am glad you have your priorities straight,” another fan says. “Just another reason to love ya. Bring me back some tunes.”

Wallen says in his video that believes he has some growing up to do and will step away from the spotlight to work on himself.

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