Mothers March Takes to NYC Streets to Support Ukraine Children

Mothers March has been protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in New York City. The protest was made up of mothers and anti-war demonstrators that wanted to show their support for children in the country. Many of those at Mothers March wore blue and yellow to show their support. Others had face paint in the Ukrainian flag’s colors. And many of them had signs, flowers, or other symbolic items with them during the protest.

Mothers March gathered outside of UNICEF and United Nation Plaza, but the demonstration spilled over into NYC streets. Many could be seen outside of the News Corporation building and on 6th Avenue.

At a Glance

  • Mothers March showed their support for Ukraine children on March 19.
  • The demonstration was centered around UNICEF and the United Nation Plaza, but encompassed NYC streets as well.
  • Children have been the unintended victims of this Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • Over 100 children have died in Ukraine so far, and more have been injured.

Details Of Mothers March To Support Ukraine

Although the demonstration was made up of a variety of people, many were there explicitly to support children in Ukraine. Since Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, children have been caught in the crossfire of this conflict. Over 100 children have died since the war started, and even more have been hurt.

Ukrainian flags of all sizes were seen throughout the demonstration. There were handheld flags and some large ones, and plenty in between. In fact, one of the bigger Ukrainian flags needed at least 10 people to carry it through the NYC streets. Many had chosen to wrap smaller versions of the flag around themselves during the event.

The New York Post shows that there were many signs at the Mothers March for Ukraine children. Many of the signs had “Save Our Children” written on them, or something similar. Other signs at the Mothers March said “Their lives are priceless” and “Shelter our sky, save our kids #planesforUkraine.”

Other symbolic items used at Mothers March were sunflowers and baby dolls.

Ukraine Asks For Help Amid Russian War

Some of the signs at Mothers March in NYC refer to the situation going on in Ukraine’s skies right now. The Ukrainian president has repeatedly asked the US and NATO to establish a no-fly zone above the country. Zelensky pleaded with Congress last week to reconsider. Although officials refuse to engage in this way, the US has offered help in the form of weapons.

The US is sending $800 million worth of weapons to the invaded country. Switchblade drones are high on that list. These drones have been used by the US military for at least a dozen years. These drones will be incredibly useful for Ukrainians as they are portable and lightweight. Soldiers will be able to store the drones in their backpacks. Even though they’re small, the drones are efficient. They’re GPS-guided but are able to be rerouted if civilians are near the target area.