Watch: Motorcyclist Caught on Police Dash Cam Popping 100 MPH Wheelie

A U.K. motorcyclist popped a wheelie at 100 mph in front of an unmarked cop car. Now, he’s paying a price for the stunt.

Lee Embleton, 51, performed the daring feat in full view of a policeman’s dashcam, Fox News reported. Authorities figured out his speed later from a forensic investigation of the dashcam footage. They pulled Embleton over once he ran into heavy traffic.

“We deal with dangerous driving cases on a regular basis, but it beggars belief that somebody would act so stupidly and dangerously on the roads,” Northumbria Police Chief Inspector Sam Rennison said, according to Fox.

As for Embleton, he had his motorcycle impounded temporarily and his license suspended. He appeared in court last Friday and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving – the British equivalent to reckless driving.

The motorcyclist was riding a Yamaha motorcycle, the Sunderland Echo reported. Although motorcycle wheelies aren’t illegal in the U.K., Embleton’s stunt did qualify as dangerous driving. He was not in full control of his motor vehicle, according to the Echo.

The Northumbria Police Department’s website suggested Embleton faced the possibility of jail time for pulling the stunt. The court will decide Embleton’s final punishment this November.

“Not only did he put his own life in danger on the afternoon in question, but also every other road user,” Rennison added. “His actions could easily have had fatal consequences and I sincerely hope he realizes the severity of his actions. I would like to thank our fantastic collision investigation unit who were able to dissect the footage and calculate Embleton’s speed – which was clearly above the legal limit and against the law.”