Mountain Lion Devours California Man’s Pet Chicken for Breakfast

Another Californian mountain lion has proven to be a menace to homeowners. According to police, a mountain lion in Pacifica decided that someone’s pet chicken would make the perfect meal.

The incident happened just after Christmas of 2021. Police showed up at the home in question around 7:30 a.m. and found the mountain lion enjoying his breakfast. He had stolen the chicken from the homeowner’s coop, and then stood about 30 feet away from the house and ate. After it finished eating the chicken, police kept an eye on the animal for a couple of hours. The mountain lion eventually left the area around 9:45 a.m.

Police surveilled the animal to make sure that it wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary or dangerous. In a press report released by the police, they stated that “The mountain lion did not appear to pose a threat to human life.” Even so, neighbors and other people in the area were advised to keep themselves and all pets inside.

Mountain Lion Protection Turned Into A Mountain of A Problem

We’re well aware of the nuisance that mountain lions cause to California residents. The illegal to kill animals sure like to take advantage of their protected status. They’ve only been protected since 1990 but their population has had no issues growing. In just 100 years, there went from being 600 mountain lions in California to 4,000 to 6,000 of them. They’re seen pretty consistently in areas like Pacifica.

A California Family’s Pet Dog Was Almost Cat Chow

California’s feral feline problem doesn’t stop at backyard chicken meals, oh no. In fact, if they’re hungry enough (or maybe bored enough), the big cats have no issues with coming inside to eat. That’s exactly what happened to one family in Santa Barbara County, California.

During a routine visit with her brother Ted Adams, Lee Larsen White’s pet dog was almost dinner for a passing mountain lion. Her dog, Buddy, had been barking all night. No one could figure out why. As it so happens, he was trying to let the family know that he was being sized up by a hungry predator outside. The family heard crashing downstairs and ran to see what had happened.

At first, everyone thought that the mountain lion had grabbed Buddy and left. It wasn’t that simple. The animal had found its way into a bedroom and was wreaking havoc trying to escape. Buddy was in the animal’s mouth. When Adams and his wife, Tracy, realized the animal was effectively trapped in there, they did some quick thinking. They grabbed weapons and prepared to get the mountain lion out of the house. After being sprayed with bear spray a couple of times, the animal quickly left via a pair of newly-opened French doors.

Buddy the dog survived his run-in with California’s protected predator. He was immediately taken to the vet for treatment.