Mullet-Wearing Georgia Southern Football Player Suspended Indefinitely After Stone Cold Beer Chug Stunt on Moving Bus

Georgia Southern announced this week it suspended a player after a video of him obliterating a beer atop a moving bus ahead of Saturday’s game went viral.

The team suspended nose tackle Gavin Adcock Monday only a day after the school fired head coach Chad Lunsford. The team is off to a 1-3 start. But the Eagles athletic director said the school fired Lunsford in part because of the Adcock’s stunt.

In the video, Adcock rides atop the team’s bus as it passing by a crowd of tailgating students. His mullet dances on the breeze. One of the students throws a beer to the fifth-year senior. He catches it, cracks it open, and slams it back like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This happened before the team played a home game against Louisiana on Saturday. Georgia Southern lost 28-20.

Adcock apologized for the “very selfish” stunt Monday. He said he’d work to regain the respect of the school and teammates.

“I want to reach out and express my deepest apology for my foolish actions on the bus this past Saturday,” Adcock wrote on Twitter. “I want to apologize to players/coaches present and before me who have paved the way for this great program and institution! What I did was very selfish and is not what we are about here at Georgia Southern. The coaching staff and institution does not condone that type of behavior. For the remainder of my time here I will do everything in my power to reassure my love and commitment to this amazing place!”

The team hosts Arkansas State on Saturday.

Georgia Southern Fans Slam Player for Drinking Before Game

Georgia Southern fans went after Gavin Adcock on social media, saying his pre-game beer may have played a role in the team’s loss Saturday. That’s because he was busted for an offsides penalty on a Louisiana 4th-down-and-one in the fourth quarter. It led to the Cajuns’ second score of the day.

“I am convinced that this has to be a stunt for a country music video. No way we would do something this stupid before the start of our first conference game right? RIGHT?!,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“On GameDay? WOW. … Leave that to the fans, you gotta be about business when you’re taking the field, that’s crazy,” someone else posted.

Adcock, who is an aspiring country musician, has several videos on Instagram where he chugs beer on stage. Several Georgia Southern fans went after him on those posts, as well.

Though some people said the suspension would only hurt an already struggling team.

“Ridiculous suspension. Let’s just reset without further pissing off half the players,” someone posted.