NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Shares Snap of His Dog in 23XI Race Car

National puppy day was recently, so, naturally, millions of people shared pictures of their four-legged friends on their social media pages. Bubba Wallace was one of those people to share a picture of his dog.

Consequently, social media was being flooded with pictures of dogs. But, Bubba Wallace might have shared the best picture of the day with his puppy.

Over the past few months, those who follow Bubba Wallace on his social media pages have gotten to watch his dog grow up. In July of 2020, he and his girlfriend, Amanda Carter, adopted a new puppy, Asher. While he tends to keep his Instagram feed mainly about his racing, there are a good amount of posts about his dog.

Bubba Wallace Posts a Picture of His Dog, Asher, in His 23XI Car

Bubba Wallace is certainly a proud dog owner and says, “Love this dood!! #nationalpuppyday.” There really is nothing quite like a furry friend to accompany you on all kinds of adventures. The 23XI race car driver certainly knows exactly how true that is.

There are four other photos that he shares of Asher, and each one is probably cuter than the next one. But for racing fans, it doesn’t get much better than his pup in the 23XI car.

Maybe sharing the picture of his dog in the race car will help move Bubba Wallace up the NASCAR standings. This past Sunday, March 21, at the Atlanta Speedway, he matched his season-best finish at number 16.

Consequently, he is currently holding down the number 19 spot in the NASCAR Cup Series standings. There are a lot more races left in the season for him to make up spots. As of now, Bubba Wallace trails the standings leader and co-owner of 23XI racing Denny Hamlin by 159 points.