NASCAR Fans Are Going Wild Over This 2013 Incident Involving Michael Jordan, Bubba Wallace & Denny Hamlin

This NASCAR fan spotted a crazy coincidence following the announcement of Bubba Wallace, Denny Hamlin, and Michael Jordan’s upcoming 2021 team. “Nascarman” points out that in 2013, Denny Hamlin drove a Jordan brand truck during the 2013 Camping World Truck Series in Martinsville. Believe it or not, Bubba Wallace ended up winning the race.

In this Youtube video by NASCAR, you can see Hamlin’s Carolina blue Jordan brand truck as well as a young Bubba Wallace after his first win. Showing that the three stars coming together for a new single-car team may have just been fate.

Twitter users are loving the coincidence, adding their own comments below the original tweet. Some are simply in awe of the crossing of paths.

These users express how much they love the full circle story, destiny being fulfilled. One writes, ” 🎵 It’s a small world after all, 🎵” Another says, “the prophecy was right there and we never even noticed,” while others use GIFs to illustrate their feelings.

Some users went back and forth on what they expect, or hope, the new car may look like. The number, manufacturer, sponsors, and team name have yet to be named, but fans have some ideas. In response to a comment saying, “I pray their cars will look better than this,” these users discuss sponsors.

Another jokes that as Hamlin spun in the race, he could have been thinking about the recent deal which was made 7 years later.