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NASCAR: Kurt Busch Voices Criticisms Over 2021 Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt Race

(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch spoke to Fox News recently about the latest changes made to the race’s various events.

After winning his first hometown race in Las Vegas, he took some time out to share his thoughts on next March’s race. It’s set to take place at Bristol Motor Speedway, which will take on a new appearance. The first Cup Series dirt race in half a century will take place there.

Busch is a bit concerned about how this will all play out.

“Dirt changes every single lap when you go around the race track, and you put 40 big, heavy cars out on the dirt at Bristol, it’s going to cook the dirt,” he said. It’s apparent at this point that Busch is not a fan of the plan to transform the track.

“It’s going to be like pottery and the cars are going to look like snails,” he continued. “I mean, it’s going to be so slow, you’re going to think the cars are in slow-mo.”

However, he believes that NASCAR racer Clint Bowyer could do well in this particular race. So too could Kyle Larson, if he returns from suspension. Previously, he was suspended for using a racial slur. His current status is unknown.

Kurt Busch ultimately believes it’ll be “one of those fun weekends.” It’s safe to say, as he indicates racers will “let it rip” that he’s taking the changes in stride. He may not totally agree with them, but he’s willing to work with them.

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