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Natural Light Releases a Line of ‘Natty Vodkas,’ Features Three Flavors

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The well-known, and economical beer brand, Natural Light is stepping a little further out of its comfort zone. Over the last few years, the beer brand has offered its customers a variety of fun additions to its line of products.

Products such as sweet and sour seltzer options; lemonade beers; and even a line of Natty Ice popsicles.

Most recently, the company has announced the release of its newest product, a line of lemonade-based vodkas. This comes as Natty Light continues to follow the trend of blurring the lines between malted beverages and newer spirit options for the non-beer drinkers.

A New Vodka For Natty Light Fans

On Monday, August 30, the popular beer brand announced this newest addition to its line of spirit options. The Natural Light vodka comes in three flavors: Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Black Cherry Lemonade.

Natty Light made the announcement in a fairly simple Twitter message. However, there was little that was boring about the post as the tweet is coupled with a bright photo displaying all three flavors of the brand’s newest products.

“we made a vodka it’s called natty vodka,” read the simple Twitter post.

In 2019, the Natural Light beer brand looked to broaden its horizon a bit. The company introduced a refreshing strawberry lemonade beer.

Not long after this addition, Natty Light drinkers were treated to yet another brand addition. A variety of Natty Ice hard seltzers. Then, this spring, the beer company introduced the release of a new venture: Natty Icicles.

Now, this newest product takes the Natty Light brand a little further as it seeks to continue blurring the lines between their traditional malty drinks and the newest fruity refreshment options.

According to the company, these Natty Vodkas are an “easy-to-drink and flavor-forward” alcohol treat.

Natural Light Expands Their Product Options

For decades the beer company has made its niche by creating an inexpensive beer option for its customers.

However, the market’s push to create new drink options -and flavors – for the more modern drinkers has inspired the company’s most recent additions.

Natty Light vodka has a fairly low alcohol content, well for a vodka that is. The average ABV of vodka ranges around forty percent. The Natty Ice versions, however, register at a relatively low 30 percent ABV.

Maybe that is what makes the newest vodka on the shelves as smooth as the makers say it is.

The lemonade-based drinks are made to be enjoyed as a drink over ice with a favorite mixer; or even as a stand-alone shot.

However, company representatives anticipate the newest Natty Light addition to inspiring its drinkers to discover new ways to enjoy the lemonade-based spirits.

“Natural Light is constantly looking to innovate to meet the evolving flavor preferences of our fans,” said Daniel Blake, Budweiser and Value Group Vice President, and Anheuser-Busch. “Nothing is off the table.”

Blake noted that research showed the company that many of the regular Natty Light drinkers would choose vodka when deciding on a drink.

“Amongst the Natural Light core drinker, vodka is their favorite spirit, and specifically flavored vodka is growing in popularity with Natty fans,” Blake explained. “We saw this as an opportunity to further expand the Natural Light offering and address those changing tastes by innovating with flavor that is shockingly delicious and has our fun and creative brand personality.”