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Ex-Navy Seal Who Reportedly Shot Bin Laden Says He’s Banned from Delta for Posting Photo of Himself Not Wearing Mask

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Robert J. O’Neill, the Navy Seal credited with shooting Osama Bin Laden, says he won’t be flying Delta any time soon. On Thursday, O’Neill took to Twitter to say that the airline banned him for “posting a picture.”

During a recent flight, O’Neill, 44, uploaded a photo of himself on a Delta plane. Noticeably, he was not wearing a mask in the snap. Shortly thereafter, he tweeted, “I just got banned from @Delta for posting a picture. Wow.”

A Delta spokesman released a statement regarding the issue. “Part of every customer’s commitment prior to traveling on Delta is the requirement to acknowledge our updated travel policies, which includes wearing a mask,” the spokesman said. “Failure to comply with our mask-wearing mandate can result in losing the ability to fly Delta in the future.”

O’Neill uploaded the now-deleted mask-less tweet with the caption, “I’m not a [expletive].” The picture shows O’Neill smiling for the camera without a mask on while others on the plane can be seen wearing face coverings.

Twitter Reacts to Robert O’Neill’s Ban from Delta

In a subsequent tweet, O’Neill explained that the photo was a joke. Furthermore, he mentions that the mask was in his lap while snapping the picture. He then criticized Delta Airlines by writing, “Thank God it wasn’t @Delta flying us in when we killed Bin Laden…we weren’t wearing masks.”

After posting the tweet about Delta banning him, thousands on the social media platform weighed in on the issue. Twitter users voiced conflicting views on the incident with many taking O’Neill’s side and others placing the blame on him.

“@Delta now joins @goodyear on the ban list or companies that hate #Patriots,” one user writes.

Another user sharing an opposing opinion writes, “Hey Robert, just some legal advice. If someone robs a store and then posts a picture of themselves robbing the store, they don’t get arrested for posting the picture. They get arrested for what is IN the picture. Hope this helps!”

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