‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Sends Fans Into Frenzy Revealing His Theory About Dinozzo and Ziva

Michael Weatherly, formerly Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, gave fans a little tidbit of his thoughts on Tony and Ziva’s reunion in Paris.

“Let’s just say… they ended up in Paris. Anyone think that’s a possibility?” Weatherly tweeted yesterday, along with a photo of Tony and Ziva from the 200th NCIS episode. “(BTW, filming this scene for ep 200 of #ncis was one of my favorite moments),” he continued. The episode followed Gibbs through various alternate realities where he made different choices; Tony and Ziva meet again when Ziva is arrested for still being with Mossad, and we get to see a bit of the wildcard she could have been without Gibbs.

But fans were focused on Weatherly’s Tony/Ziva theory. “Wherever they are…it would be wonderful to finally share their happy ending,” said one fan in the comments.

Another fan commented, “Can we get them back please? Just for one or two episodes… maybe the Tiva wedding or another announcement.”

My theory is they got married in Paris and just didn’t tell anyone, although that doesn’t quite seem like Tony’s style; he seems like the type to shout it from the rooftops, though maybe age and parenthood have mellowed him.

Why Ziva and Tony Left ‘NCIS’

Even after their relationship turned serious in season 13, Ziva left Tony and the team to go back to Israel. The team got the tragic news that Ziva died there, and that she and Tony had a daughter named Tali, named for Ziva’s sister. After that shocking news, Tony left the NCIS for Paris to take care of his child.

Ziva returned briefly in season 17 to wrap up her arc, and then left again to reunite with Tony and Tali in Paris. No news of the trio has been mentioned on the show since then. Though, Jimmy Palmer did read a letter from Tony’s father, stating that they were all in Paris and doing fine. “Senior’s still in Paris with the fam,” Palmer reported, confirming every fan’s hopes that the family was together.

In an effort to let them live normal lives, away from the dangers of the NCIS, it’s possible that the show will never bring them back. After all, Gibbs’ boat did just explode; you can’t raise a normal family with boats just exploding willy-nilly. But, maybe they’ll come back for the 400th episode, if the show lasts that long. NCIS is currently on episode 344, so it’s a bit of a way off. There’s nothing like a reunion to mark a big milestone, though.

And the show is in need of a reunion; Gibbs and McGee are the last of the season 1 characters, with everyone else either dead or retired from the NCIS. Fans, don’t hold your breath, though. With NCIS introducing two new characters in season 19, it’s unlikely they’ll be bringing back old ones any time soon.