‘NCIS’: A Deeper Examination at Ziva’s True Role on the Series

Since the moment she first arrived at the “NCIS” offices, Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) had an air of mystery about her.

From her first appearance on the hit CBS series in season three to her final moments at “NCIS” in season ten, viewers were still learning new information about Ziva. Including the fact that she was a former Mossad officer. Mossad is the Israeli civilian foreign intelligence and covert action organization. Although her character evolves from the connection with the Mossad organization, the storyline remained complicated through Ziva’s time at “NCIS” once it was revealed that her father was the director of the organization.

Ziva Wasn’t Always a Member of the ‘NCIS’

The addition of Ziva to the NCIS team came through difficult circumstances. Her predecessor, Caitlin Todd was murdered. It was later revealed that the murderer was Ziva’s half-brother, Ari. Todd was a member of “NCIS” leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s team. Both Ziva and Ari were trained by their Mossad director father, Eli. However, according to a recent Looper character analysis of Ziva David, Ari became bitter towards their father. This led to him becoming a double agent. According to the article, Ari “became part of the very terrorist organization he’d been sent to infiltrate.”

Initially, Ziva didn’t believe her brother was capable of this murder and defended him against the charges, Looper noted. However, she would soon learn the truth. This leads to her killing Ari in an effort to rescue Gibbs from the killer.

The Looper article went on to note that the “NCIS” team was reluctant to trust Ziva, initially. However, she would eventually resign from the Mossad organization to work for the “NCIS” in 2009. Ziva would later become a full-time “NCIS” special agent in 2011.

As the series progressed, viewers slowly learned more and more of the mysterious Israeli-born officer. Her past was intense, noted Looper. In training, Ziva’s father blindfolded Ziva and her sister and left the two in the woods to fend for themselves and find their way home.

Ziva David is Intense and Fiercely Loyal

Ziva is a woman with intense combat skills with a penchant for martial arts. She is also intensly private. Looper notes that Ziva’s connection to the death of “NCIS” team member Caitlin Todd made any initial bonding with the “NCIS” team difficult. Eventually, however, they all became close.

During her latter days with the “NCIS” team, Ziva struck up a relationship with fellow agent, Tony Dinozzo. This is a fact viewers would learn after Ziva’s exit from the series.

Ziva is thought to be murdered during a 2016 attack on her father’s Israeli farmhouse. During the season, viewers also learned that Ziva had a daughter named Talia. Added to the shocking news was the fact that Dinozzo was Talia’s father. This led to Tony Dinozzo’s exit from the series. After Ziva’s death, Dinozzo moved to Paris to raise their daughter.

However, Ziva survived the attack and subsequently went deep undercover. The “NCIS” team worked together to help their friend and former agent. Once safe, Ziva joined Dinozzo and their daughter in Paris.