‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Marty Deeks Is ‘Ready To Party’ in Preview of New Episode

Sunday night’s new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles will be all worth it just to see “Party Marty” and his dance moves.

“Party Marty” is Marty Deeks. And he ever so briefly takes on that persona in an opening scene in Sunday’s episode. The NCIS: Los Angeles social media account teased the new hour with a video clip of “Under the Influence.”

In NCIS: Los Angeles Clip, ‘Party Marty’ and Kensi Are Checking Out Kidnapping Victim’s Home

Let’s talk about that NCIS: Los Angeles clip. First for some context at what you’re seeing. The team is investigating the disappearance of Gia Michelle, a social media influencer. Normally, this sort of disappearance isn’t a crime NCIS would investigate. But her mother is high profile. Kilbride, Fatima, Callen and Sam talked about why they should get involved.

“Because her mother has a much more important job,” Kilbride says. “Believe me, I will never adopt a reverence for the selfie no matter how hard my niece tries to convince me that it is an empowering art form. But Gia Michelle just happens to be the daughter of Linda Burke, the US ambassador to Lebanon.”

So that’s why Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) were in front of a very impressive house with expensive cars parked in front of it.

Now for the Saturday video posted by NCIS: Los Angeles.

Deeks asks Kensi the age of Gia Michelle. She tells him young, like 22 or 23.

“And she dances on her phone for a living,” Deeks asks, incredulously.

“That’s how she started,” Kensi tells him. “Fatima said she’s a multi hyphenate, which means she’s an actor, has a beauty brand, a flat tummy tea pusher.”

Deeks cracks “Sounds worse than a flat earther.” “It is,” Kensi cracks, “you get diarrhea.”

Now, for the NCIS: Los Angeles classic Deeks moment.

“You know what, maybe I should put myself up on this app,” Deeks said. “They don’t know what they’re missing out on with a little Party Marty.”

Deeks swings his hips. “Getting it, whipping it, when the getting is good.” Then Kensi, who is a fabulous dancer, mocks her husband. “Not sure if there’s an audience for a white surfer dude who hasn’t quite mastered the floss. But I do know a few web sites where your thirst traps would kill.”

“I’ve got a few thirst traps for you right here,” Deeks answers.

Is Deeks’ Dancing a Real Thirst Trap?

Guess if you’re investigating the disappearance of a social media star, NCIS: Los Angeles agents need to use the lingo. A thirst trap is a word from selfie culture. It means you’re either a digital heartthrob and/or looking for compliments.

Later in the episode, we see Gia Michelle. She’d gone dark on social media, but this NCIS: Los Angeles preview photo shows someone making her do a video.

Erik Voake/CBS

The new episode, the first for NCIS: Los Angeles since Jan. 9, also features the return of Aliyah De León. She’s an agent who helped with the case in “A Land of Wolves.”

Check out Outsider’s preview of the episode here for more details. And, to catch back up on NCIS: Los Angeles, you can read the Outsider recap from the last episode here.