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New Mexico Remote Tribe Members Claim Aliens Are Taking Their Cattle

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We’ve seen reports of UFO sightings from around the world this year. In America, people are being more forthcoming about their unexplainable sightings. This is partially because some of the stigma around seeing UFOs is going away. Additionally, social media makes it easy to share experiences with like-minded people. However, we still don’t hear much about first-hand encounters with aliens. Some New Mexico residents have been dealing with alien abductions and cattle mutilation for years.

Members of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in New Mexico are no strangers to aliens. In fact, they believe that they’re living in the shadow of a massive underground base populated by extraterrestrial beings, government operatives, and unthinkable genetic experiments. Dulce Base is a major point of discussion among UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists.

Those who believe say that Dulce Base is located deep inside the Archuleta Mesa Mountain. However, it’s hard for anyone to get up the mountain itself. For one, it’s a treacherous climb. Additionally, the mountain is sacred to the Jicarilla Nation, according to The Sun. As a result, those who aren’t members of the Nation must get permission to climb the mountain. So, in a way, this New Mexico mountain is the perfect place to hide a massive alien base.

Dulce, New Mexico: Alien Abductions and Cattle Mutilation

Residents believe that this base causes several of their UFO-related woes. Dulce, New Mexico resident, and Jicarilla elder, Geri Julian claims that she was abducted by aliens in the 80s. The abduction took place after she and her husband witnessed a UFO entering the mountain. However, humans aren’t the only ones who have to worry about Dulce-related activity.

Merna Hansen was driving home with her six-year-old son when she came across multiple UFOs. One of those ships was pulling a cow up with a bright beam of light. Then, things went dark. The next thing Merna knew, she and her son were in the car, the engine was off, and the alien ships were gone. She soon realized that six hours had passed.

Then, she contacted UFO investigator Leo Sprinkle who suggested hypnotic regression therapy to reveal what happened in the time she lost. Those sessions revealed that Hansen and her son had been abducted by the aliens they saw in the New Mexico sky. They experimented on both of the Hansens. Additionally, she saw the cow from before. Several aliens were operating on it in the same room.

Gabe Valdez, a former New Mexico State Trooper once found several cows that were allegedly mutilated by aliens. One, however, stood out in his mind. Inside the mutilated cow, he found a hybrid creature. Valdez said that it “looked like a human, a monkey, and a frog.”

Currently, there is no concrete proof that Dulce Base exists. However, some locals are working hard to find the truth that they’re certain lies just under the surface.