New York Dad-to-Be Killed in Explosion Building Gender Reveal Device

A gender reveal in New York went wrong, leading to the death of the father-to-be.

The soon-to-be dad was in upstate New York attempting to make a device for his future gender reveal. However, the device backfired and ending up tragically exploding.

According to CNN, the man, Christopher Pekny, was 28. Police responded to the scene at noon on Sunday in Liberty, New York. His brother suffered from injuries as well.

Other Recent Gender Reveal Deaths

Unfortunately, deaths or injuries resulting from elaborate gender reveals are not uncommon. Oftentimes there are elaborate tools and devices that are designed poorly and result in death or tragedy the day of.

A recent example happened in early February. A couple had a gender reveal party in Gaines Township, Michigan.

According to The Washington Post, the couple used a cannon to announce the baby’s gender. The gunpowder in the cannon ended up exploding, however, which caused the metal frame to bust open and launch deadly shrapnel into the air.

A friend of the couple was struck by the shrapnel and seriously injured. He was taken to the hospital and died from the injuries.

Another gender reveal party from a couple of years back is another example of a potentially fatal situation. While it didn’t lead to any deaths, it certainly wouldn’t have been a huge shock if it did. A father-to-be had to wrestle an alligator’s mouth open and place a watermelon inside.

Inside the watermelon was the gender of the baby, but could have also been a recipe for losing a hand.

California Wildfire

One of the most devastating examples of gender reveal parties taken too far happened in early September. A California couple used a pyrotechnic device during their gender reveal party. They ended up starting a fire that would end up spreading through California and killing 25 people. The fire burned more than 10,000 acres and was one of the most dangerous fires ever in that area.

People evacuated their homes and the wildfire raged on while firefighters had a hard time containing it.

Gender reveals have gone wrong a lot in the last few years. So much so that the person who is credited for creating the concept of a gender reveal party has spoken out condemning this behavior.

“Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you,” Jenna Karvunidis wrote on social media, according to CNN.