NFL: Cris Collinsworth Issues Apology for On-Air Remark About Female Fans

NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth is issuing an apology after remarks he made about female fans. The broadcaster says he felt “sick” that people interpreted his comment as derogatory or sexist. He also says he never intended it to be taken that way.

Collinsworth played for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1980s. After retiring from the sport, he made a career for himself as a broadcaster for the NFL, something he’s done for several decades.

According to TMZ, Collinsworth made a formal apology to anyone he may have hurt with his comment. He said he intended it to be a compliment, but he misphrased his comments.

“Today on our broadcast I made reference to a couple of women that I met in Pittsburgh who so impressed me with their football knowledge that I wanted to tell their story on the air,” Collinsworth said. “I know the way I phrased it insulted many. I’m so sorry.”

“What I intended as a compliment to the fans of Pittsburgh, became an insult. I’m sick about insulting any fan, but especially female fans and journalists,” Collinsworth continued. “I know first hand how much harder they have to work than any of us in this industry. I was wrong and I deeply apologize.”

Cris Collinsworth On-Air Comments

Collinsworth commented on female fans during last night’s (Dec. 2) Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens game. Collinsworth praised how vocal and passionate Pittsburgh fans are about their NFL team. During his praise, the broadcaster mentioned he met with several female fans.

“In particular the ladies I met. They had really specific questions about the game,” Collinsworth said. “And I’m like, ‘Wow.’ You’re just blown away about how strong the fans are here in this town.”

After the comment, some online began to criticize the broadcaster. Some on social media viewed Collinsworth’s comment as sexist about female NFL fans. However, shortly after, the broadcaster realized his comment had garnered backlash online. He issued a formal apology and clarified what he intended with his statement.