NFL: ‘Miami Miracle’ Stuns Football World 2 Years Ago Today

In one of the most bizarre yet exciting plays in NFL history, the Miami Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots on this date two years ago. Known simply as the “Miami Miracle,” it is a play that will live in NFL lore until the end of time.

With only seven seconds remaining and down by five points to their rival Patriots, the Dolphins knew they needed a miracle. A miracle is what they got as a play that seemingly never works pushed them past their foes.

Relive the incredible moment below:

“The Miami Miracle shocked the football world two years ago today,” ESPN’s SportsCenter tweets along with the throwback clip.

NFL Fans Relive the ‘Miami Miracle’

The Dolphins found themselves in a dire situation at the end of the game against New England. In order to pull off the upset, they would need to score a touchdown in the seven seconds remaining on the game clock. They took the ball at their own 31-yard line with 69 yards to go to their endzone. The distance was too far for a traditional “Hail Mary” pass at the end of a game. The Dolphins decide to use the “hook and lateral” play that looks something akin to a sloppy backyard football game.

The probability for the play to be successful was extremely low. Still, the Miami team thought it was their best shot to score and win the game from the highly favored Patriots.

The play begins with then-quarterback Ryan Tannehill (now with the Tennessee Titans) taking the snap from center. He fires a pass to Kenny Stills. The receiver then laterals the ball to fellow receiver Devante Parker around midfield. Parker then tosses the ball to running back Kenyan Drake, who scampers all the way to the endzone.

It is the first walk-off game-winning touchdown in NFL history to involve multiple lateral passes. The play would win the Bridgestone Performance Play of the Year at the eighth annual NFL Honors Show.