NFL ‘Monday Night Football’: Steve Young’s Hairdo Has Twitter Going Crazy

On this week’s Monday Night Football broadcast, the highly-anticipated matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs wasn’t the only thing drawing lots of attention. Former San Francisco 49ers legendary quarterback Steve Young’s hairdo is catching the eye of many on Twitter.

Before the game began, Young joined the broadcast to give his thoughts on the game. However, his take on the matchup wasn’t what many on social media seemed to remember. A handful of Twitter users took to the platform to share their thoughts on his hairdo. As one Twitter user put it, they thought that Young’s teased locks reminded them of a “Hello, Fellow Kids” look.

Shortly before kickoff, Steve Young, 58, took to social media to share a selfie from the stadium. “Never thought I’d be the only guy in the stadium watching the biggest game of the year,” Young tweeted.

Check out some of the latest Twitter reactions to Young’s hair below:

Steve Young on Watching Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson Battle on ‘Monday Night Football’

Earlier this week, Young spoke out about the Chiefs-Ravens game. He voiced his excitement to watch quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson go head-to-head.

“I’m going to be the one guy in the stadium [on the broadcast team] who has nothing to do but just watch him,” Young told The Undefeated. “I really want to watch [Lamar Jackson] closely to give him the ‘eyeball test,’ but he says all the right things. … He wants to learn and he wants to get better and better and better.”

Young also spoke about how Jackson’s style of play may change as he grows older. “His running is already at its peak. Right? So as he ages, that has to drop,” he said. “But his passing, his ability to find the ‘truth’ in the passing game, that’s where the improvement can come from.”

Furthermore, Young adds: “And what I mean by the truth, the truth is to find a guy who’s open, to be able to find it with everything going on. It’s [the ability] to be able to decipher it all. It’s the ability to find that third receiver. And he’s knocking. He’s knocking on that door. I was 38 and still running around. No one runs like Lamar. So if he can do that, if he can find that truth in the passing game, he can be really effective with his legs for a long time.”

Not only did Young speak highly of the Baltimore Ravens star quarterback, but also he praised Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

“He’s unique,” Young said. “You know, there are only a few guys who naturally find 22 people in a confined space as no big deal.”

Young credits Mahomes with a level of maturity rarely seen at his age, 25. “As a young man, he has an incredible presence. He has an emotional, mental presence on a field as if he was 40 years old. He has the same type of presence that I feel from a Drew Brees or a Tom Brady. That’s not fair.”