NFL Stars Donate $1 Million in Christmas Trees to Families in Need with Lowe’s Partnership

The Christmas tree really helps to create the whole mood for a Christmas celebration. Since the COVID-19 pandemic may be impacting how many Americans celebrate the holidays this year, keeping with small traditions becomes even more important. This holiday season, Lowe’s announced that it will be donating and delivering $1 million worth of pre-lit Christmas trees with the help of the NFL as well.

These trees will go to families and organizations that have been particularly impacted by the negative effects of the pandemic.

“Over the next two weeks, Lowe’s will partner with the NFL and nonprofits nationwide to deliver more than 13,000 Christmas trees to homes and facilities in need of extra cheer, from childcare and youth centers to first responder stations and nonprofit housing organizations,” said Lowe’s in a PR statement with AP News.

Lowe’s Partners with NFL

Many star NFL players will be helping with this organization’s intent to give back. For example, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, was eager to get involved.

“Giving back is what the holidays are all about, and it’s an honor to be a part of these tree deliveries alongside so many other incredible NFL players and organizations,” Prescott said.

The quarterback has his own foundation called Prescott’s Faith Fight Finish Foundation. He will be partnering with six different organizations in order to provide communities with 100 pre-lit trees.

Other NFL stars include Jared Goff, Adam Thielen and Andy Dalton. They are delivering Christmas trees to selected neighborhoods in their community. The Lowe’s Home Team has been giving back since the season started. Kelvin Beachum, C.J. Ham, Calvin Ridley and Robert Woods make up part of the “Home Team” involved in this newest Lowe’s initiative.

The company is also encouraging people to brighten up social media. This meaning, take to social media in order to post photos of their lit Christmas trees. This could make people’s feeds bright and cheerful since many local tree lightings have been canceled this year.