NFL: Tom Brady Sounds Off on Tony Romo’s Hilarious Impression of Him

Though you may not be able to tell right away, NFL superstar quarterback Tom Brady has a rather large sense of humor. That trait was on full display in the quarterback’s reaction to former NFL star Tony Romo’s impression of him.

Joining Jimmy Kimmel live Tuesday, Romo shows off a hidden talent he saves for special occasions. The former Dallas Cowboy can impersonate numerous NFL quarterbacks both playing or in retirement. But it isn’t a voice impression that Romo specializes in. Instead, the former pro-bowler says he can duplicate the throwing stances of quarterbacks.

On the show, Romo attempts impressions of NFL greats Brett Favre and Peyton Manning as well as Brady. His impressions drew a positive response and plenty of laughter. Brady chimes in the following day (Wednesday) via social media to give his thoughts on Romo’s impression tactics.

“Not bad @tonyromo,” the Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback says in his tweet. “Getting some strong Spiderman vibes from that @BrettFavre impression.”

NFL Quarterbacks Subject of Tony Romo’s Impressions

During the video call interview, Kimmel asks to see the quarterback stances. Romo reluctantly agrees to do the stances of the three quarterbacks.

He starts off with Brady and in a pretty straight forward manner takes the quarterback’s stance and throwing motion.

“He gets the snap,” Romo says before taking a stance and looking around in a similar manner as Brady.

Next up on Romo’s impression is Peyton Manning. The future Hall-of-Famer is noted for making audibles at the line of scrimmage with a combination of words and hand gestures. Manning famously uses the word “Omaha” to audible or change the play or snap count. Romo swivels his head around and makes wild gestures his arms to simulate Manning’s mechanics.

Legendary Green Bay Packer Quarterback Brett Favre is the subject of Romo’s next impression. Favre is famous for having a “gunslinger” mentality in passing the football. He is also known to change up his arm angles when throwing, meaning the football sometimes comes out in a side-arm motion. Romo pretends to fire a Favre-like pass in his throwing motion.

Brady and the Bucs are set to take on the Minnesota Vikings this weekend. The Bucs are currently 7-5 on the season and sit in second place in the NFC South division.