NFL: Viral Deep Dish Pizza Sign By Green Bay Packers Fan Originated From Tweet

A ‘Deep Dish Pizza is Overrated’ sign at the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers game went viral and has re-ignited an age-old argument around NFL circles.

Late in a game where the Packers were blowing out the Bears 41-25 in the fourth quarter, Sunday Night Football cameras caught a glimpse of a fan holding a homemade sign that read “Deep Dish Pizza Is Overrated. Go Pack Go.” The Packers fan was clearly throwing shade at their NFC rivals by way of downplaying Chicago’s most famous pizza.

The Sunday Night Football official Twitter account shared the photo on its page with a one-word caption, “Discuss.”

The photo has quickly gone viral online. It has accumulated more than 37,000 likes on Instagram. It also garnered a hilarious response from NBCS Chicago’s Instagram account.

“Pls stop. we’re already dead,” they wrote in the comments.

In addition to the Instagram post, thousands more liked the photo on Twitter and Facebook. It racked up over 13,000 Twitter likes alone on Barstool Sports’ post. They tweeted the photo with the caption, “Shots fired.”

The ESPN NFL Twitter account also shared it and wrote, “Meanwhile in Green Bay: Pizza hot takes.”

NFL: Fan Doubles as Packers’ Branding and Marketing Director

Making the situation even more interesting, the bundled up fan holding the sign wound up being the Packers’ branding and marketing director, Joan Malcheski.

Malcheski was one of a couple of hundred Packers employees and family members allowed at Lambeau Field for the game on Sunday with new safety protocols in place.

“I had no idea I was on camera, but then all of a sudden my phone started blowing up,” she said.

Malcheski said the idea behind her sign came from a tweet she posted during the game. With her seat being directly behind the Chicago bench, Malcheski took to social media to ask fans what she should yell toward their rivals.

“With the hashtag ‘#keepitclean,’ because I wanted to represent the fun and the rivalry and not make it ugly,” she said.

Shortly following her post, a couple of her followers suggested the Chicago pizza joke. Malcheski liked the idea and sent a text to a co-worker to meet her at halftime with a marker.

“I really don’t take any credit for it. Our fans are very creative and just the best and so much fun,” she continued. “I just felt happy to carry the spirit of the fans from home to the game in real time. I was just delivering what the people wanted. Just trying to make good on my tweet.”