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Norway’s Shabby Christmas Tree Gift To England Hilariously Underwhelms

(Photo by Kent Gavin/Keystone/Getty Images)

Norway’s annual Christmas tree gift had some disappointing responses.

In a recent tweet by Reuters, “Norway’s annual Christmas tree gift to London provoked unseasonably abrupt responses, including demands that the 24-meter Norwegian spruce be replaced, after it appeared to be less than symmetrical with some broken branches.”

This photograph shows the tree with its broken branches and one side appears to have less growth. The damage could’ve happened when authorities transported it or in the process of cutting it down.

The commenting on the picture said things like, “half dead” or ill with COVID. Others said it looked like a symbol of modern British decline or as a joke from Norway.

“I am pleased that people are passionate with this gift,” Mayor Borgen said. “It is a sign that Londoners care about the present we have sent them. The tree comes from a forest.”

It started as a gift to London for their support during World War II. It is now about friendship, solidarity, hope for the future and peace.

Background of the Christmas Tree Gift to England

The gift of a Christmas tree to London’s Trafalgar Square happens every year on the first Thursday in December. It is a gift from Norway as a way to thank Britain for their support during World War Two.

This tradition started all the way back in 1947. During World War II, Great Britain was Norway’s closest ally. It was where the Norwegian King and government fled while their country was occupied.

After the war, Norway began sending a pine tree to London every year as a thank you. Here’s what this period of history looked like.

London is incredibly happy to receive this every year. The tradition will live on forever.

The True Meaning of a Christmas Tree

The modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. Families would set up a paradise tree in their homes on Christmas Eve and would hang wafers on it. These decorations symbolized the eucharistic host or the Christian sign of redemption.

Plants and trees that remained green all year round had a special meaning for people in the winter. Many countries believed that it would keep witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illnesses away.

Christmas trees grow in all 50 states, including Hawaii. The first recorded sign of a Christmas tree in America was on display in the 1830s by the German settlers of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania German settlers had community trees as early as 1747.

The Christmas tree was late to America, but it is now a decoration that will carry on in generations to come.