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NYC’s Times Square Pays Tribute to 9/11 ‘Courageous First Responders’

(Photo by Anthony Correia/Getty Images)

Times Square honors those lost on 9/11 today – nineteen years later – with a touching tribute to courageous first responders. NYC’s most famous district has lit a twenty story candle like only they can, with a message for the heroes of one of America’s most horrifically tragic days.

The Times Square official twitter account updated this morning with footage of their tribute. “Time may pass but we’ll never forget you” the post reads. “Our thoughts remain with those affected by 9/11, the lives lost, and courageous first responders.” These powerful words echo through the Square’s screen tribute, as well, as they appear in front of the candlelight vigil.

Times Square is Far From Alone in their 9/11 Tribute

First responders across NYC honor their fallen brothers and sisters today. The NYPD’s official news account posted their own touching tribute, marked by an especially powerful photo of the Tribute in Light. 23 NYPD officers were lost on 9/11. A staggering 343 FDNY firefighters were lost, alongside 37 Port Authority officers.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro and Chief of Department John Sudnik honor those who made the supreme sacrifice today by laying wreaths at the Firemen’s Memorial in Riverside Park, as well. Losing 343 members of the historied FDNY in one day remains one of the most heart-wrenching aspects of the fallout & rescue efforts of 9/11.

The Port Authority of NY &NJ is honoring their fallen heroes today, as well. “Now more than ever,” their twitter post states, “we remember the fallen on 9/11.”

All in all, the devastating attacks caused the deaths of 2,996 people. The injury numbers are much higher – around  6,000 others who continue to suffer to this day from fallout such as cancers and other debilitating ailments. This death toll contains the 265 souls on the four planes involved, from which no one survived. In total, 2,606 people perished within the World Trade Center and its immediate vicinity. 125 souls perished at Pentagon attack.


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