Olivia Culpo Rocks Eye-Catching All-White Outfit in New Sunset Pic

Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo is no stranger to some stunning all-white outfits. On Instagram earlier today, she posted a series of pictures featuring her decked out in several all-white looks. In each of the ten pictures, Culpo absolutely dazzles, wearing a different outfit each one. From pictures one to ten, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model resembles an angel descending from heaven. Well, a fashionable angel at that.

“I’ve always loved an all-white outfit,” Olivia Culpo said in the caption of her Instagram post. “Which one is your fav?”

Several fans had plenty of answers as to which one they liked most. One fan even left a hilarious comment about Olivia Culpo’s ability to make anything look good. “Is there a color that doesn’t look good on you?” the fan hilariously asked. “I mean seriously you could make a dress of American cheese look amazing!”

A Rundown of Olivia Culpo Outfits

The resounding answer from the fans was, well, all of them. And seriously, every single outfit she wears hits. In the first one, she wears a short, tight dress with little holes that reveal some skin underneath. For the second, she carries some flowers and drinks while decked out in a two-piece long skirt and top. The third, fifth, and ninth pictures feature outfits that resemble princess Leia from the legendary Star Wars movies. She rocks the fit none-the-less.

The fourth photo, however, might be the most striking of the collection. In it, Olivia Culpo wears a beautiful long dress that has a cut from the bottom exposing some leg. The top of the dress crosses across her chest leaving very little to the imagination.

The sixth and seventh slides feature Olivia Culpo wearing some of the most stylish coats known on this earth. Both jackets fall almost down to her ankles, however, the former remains open to expose the equally stunning outfit beneath. The latter picture features a sassy-looking Culpo wearing a long jacket with little puffs all over it.

Finally, the eighth and tenth pictures feature two more two-piece all-white dresses. The former seems more suitable for cooler fall weather and the latter seems more suitable for the beach. As always, however, the best part of each photo is Olivia Culpo herself. As the hilarious fan points out, any outfit in the world would look like a gem on Culpo.