Ozzy Osbourne Shares Throwback Photo Amid Sharon Osbourne, ‘The Talk’ Fallout

No doubt, Sharon Osbourne still is reeling over her controversial departure from The Talk. But on Monday, husband Ozzy was thinking of a simpler time.

That time was back when Ozzy was known as the Prince of Darkness and the lead singer of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Wife Sharon Osbourne, back then, was behind the scenes. Her father managed her rocker husband’s career. Then she eventually took it over. Good, innocent times, right?

Check out the photo:

Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne has spent much of March trying to safely find her way out of a firestorm of controversy. She lost her job as moderator and panelist on The Talk four days ago.

That’s when CBS decided to part ways with her after she took up for friend, Piers Morgan, two weeks before. Morgan had gone after Meaghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife and the Duchess of Sussex.

Piers Morgan Took Up For Sharon Osbourne In Monday Column

Also on Monday, Morgan took up for Sharon Osbourne in a blistering column he wrote for the Daily Mail. Morgan and Osbourne, both Brits, are long-time friends. They also were both judges for America’s Got Talent.

Morgan wrote that he and Sharon Osbourne should be able to express their opinions “without being deemed a racist.” Then Morgan took on CBS, calling the network the “Cowardly Broadcasting System.”

He said the network “pathetically bowed to the woke mob illiberally baying for blood like a bunch of crazed language-policing fascists.”

“The fact we’ve both lost our jobs is not just an appalling attack on free speech, but it’s also a terrible indictment of woke cancel culture bulls— and the stinking hypocrisy that lies at the heart of it.”

No wonder Ozzy was pondering a much simpler time. The official Ozzy Osbourne Twitter account usually drops a throw-back photo several times a week. The Godfather of Metal sold more than 100 million records when he was singing solo or with Black Sabbath. In the 1990s, Sharon Osbourne created OzzFest, a festival devoted to young Heavy Metal musicians.

By the early 2000s, the entire Osbourne family became famous with their MTV reality show. They were the original Kardashians.

Sharon Osbourne controversy aside, Ozzy’s fans loved his photo.

One wrote: “If I had been there, I would have rushed onstage and jumped into your arms!!!”

Another wrote: “Let’s Rock & Roll and Get Crazy! That’s My Ozzy!”

Still another noticed something missing from the photo: “So weird seeing you with so few tats!”

The official Ozzy Twitter account has steered clear of the Sharon Osbourne controversy, save for one post. That was on March 12. The account featured a throwback photo of Ozzy and Sharon from way back when, back to a time when Sharon didn’t have her signature red hair.