‘The Patridge Family’ Star David Cassidy Ditched Lunch with Queen Elizabeth: Here’s Why

Many people wouldn’t scoff at a royal invitation. But “The Patridge Family” star David Cassidy turned down a chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II. The actor and singer refused to eat lunch with the British monarch.

At one point in the 1970s, Cassidy was bigger than The Beatles. Not bad for the star of a sitcom turned teen idol and singer. But “The Patridge Family” catapulted Cassidy to greater fame and heights. Fame means picking your luncheon dates and apologize to Queen Elizabeth but she wasn’t invited.

“The British press made a big fuss over the fact that the Queen of England invited me to lunch,” Cassidy recalled, according to Cheatsheet.

The Actor Turned Down Lunch

In 1973, Cassidy set off on a European tour to sing songs from the TV show and also his debut album “Cherish.” Cassidy was certainly cherishing any free moments to himself. His back-to-back stops in London got fans, the media, and yes, even the Queen all riled up.

But as an American, Cassidy confessed he didn’t care much for British royalty. He thought meeting Queen Elizabeth would be boring. So, he weathered the hate he got from the media to skip the event.

“I mean, all these English people are like, ‘Oh, ah, the Queen!’ And I’m like, ‘The Queen?? I don’t care about the Queen. The Queen means nothing to me. I think the monarchy is a joke. What makes her the Queen? Well, she waves, and she’s the richest person in the world. Well, good for her. I’m rich too. And I’d much rather meet Eric Clapton,’” Cassidy wrote.

David Cassidy Has No Regrets

Ultimately, Cassidy had “no regrets about having stood the Queen up.”

Because life works in a funny way. On that day, he met Sue Shifrin for the first time at one of his shows. The two had a short romance that eventually turned into a long-term friendship. But more than a decade later, the couple fell in love and ended up getting married. They eventually even had a child together.

Cassidy might have never met Shifrin otherwise. And he wouldn’t trade her for all the monarchs in the world.